What Clothes To Have In Your Summer Wardrobe

The hotter months are fast approaching, and hopefully, we’ll see plenty of sunshine. But when it comes to your wardrobe, what essential items should be in there?

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Sunglasses are a staple during the summer because no one likes to be squinting while out in the sunshine chatting to a friend. Que the streaming eyes and hence makeup is therefore completely ruined. Make sure to have a few options available to you as one outfit might be more suited to a cat eye style rather than aviators. Your sunglasses will rarely get used during other times of the year, so it’s definitely splurging a little extra for some branded ones.

Lighter Outerwear

Even though the sun is shining, it can still get chilly during the evening. So when it comes to coats, you want something lighter that’s going to be a breathable fabric but still keeps you warm. Think about denim, suede or linen as being the ideal materials and gather a few that vary in length. This will suit the type of outfit you have on and for what occasion it might be for.


For hotter weather, boots and other footwear that completely cover the feet are not ideal. Whether you suffer from foot sweat or not, it will end up causing some problems further down the line if you don’t let your feet breath. Sandals are therefore the perfect footwear for summer, and you can go pretty basic with these as they’ll tend to match anything you wear as an outfit. Sandals are like ballet pumps, most will work with anything you put with it. However, be aware that unless they’re great quality, their shelf life isn’t long.

White Clothing

White is a great color to wear out in the sun. Unlike black, which absorbs light and therefore makes you all hot and bothered, white will bounce away from that solar heat and hopefully keep you feeling cool and breezy. So try to buy a few pieces whether that’s a white shirt or t-shirt, some linen white trousers or a pleated skirt. White is also a very easy color to pair with, so it’ll likely go with everything else that you have in your wardrobe.

Big Tote Bags

When you’re out and about during the summer, your social calendar is likely to get a little busier. Tote bags with lots of space are going to be super handy for those days where you’ll need to change outfits for the evening, and they’re great for storing in everything and anything that you might need to hand during your day. If you’re storing any liquids, you can always fit in a smaller bag inside the tote so if anything leaks, it doesn’t ruin everything else.

So as we head into summer, it’s time to revamp those wardrobes and buy a few summer essentials. Make sure you shop for sunglasses, lighter clothing and don’t forget to apply an SPF every day that the sun shines to protect your skin.

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