China Fleet Country Club Aqua Spa Review

(*Ad-gifted | We were gifted leisure passes and afternoon tea vouchers from China Fleet in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

It’s not very often myself and Mr B get child free time. In fact, I can count the times on one hand in three years. But when an opportunity came up that was too hard to turn down we found a way to make it work. We were offered the chance to spend time using the leisure facilities at the China Fleet Country Club in Saltash here in Cornwall. In particular the swimming pool and Aqua Spa. Followed by an afternoon tea treat.

Photo credit – China Fleet

China Fleet is around an hours drive from us and sits on the Tamar estuary. so we set off mid-morning. I’ll admit I was a little excited as I’ve never been to a spa before. My husband knew how to get to it as he’s been there before for work. But even if we didn’t it was signposted and easy to find.

We found the free car park easily which was rather large so no trouble parking. Then we got our swimming stuff out and walked up to the club. You have to bring all your own swimming clothes, towels and robes.

The ladies on reception were extremely helpful and pointed us to the direction of the changing facilities, swimming pool and Aqua Spa.

Swimming Pool

We got changed and met up in the swimming pool. Mr B had a lovely relaxing swim. One thing you may not know about me is that I can’t swim. It’s something I do want to learn one day. if I can conquer my fear of water. But I was happy enough sitting in the edge of the pool watching Mr B swim. It was really good for his shoulder and back problems. There is always a lifeguard on duty if you get into trouble. It’s really child-friendly as well with a shallow end.

After the swim we entered the Aqua Spa. You get into this through a keypad door which we were given the code for on reception. When we entered through the door, straight away you get that calm relaxing feeling. It’s designed with all the different spa treatments around the edge of the room.

You have a two-hour slot in the Aqua Spa which you need to book in advance and I can totally see why. It must get really popular. As it was our first time there we tried out all the spa facilities. But now I have a couple of favourites, when I go back I will keep to those ones.

Aqua Spa

The ultimate place for relaxation.

Photo credit – China Fleet

These are the different facilities available in the Aqua Spa:


Our first stop was into the Laconium room. It was perfect for easing in a spa newbie like me. It’s designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Roman sauna. The seats and walls are heated to allow for a gradual increase in your core temperature. I found it mesmerising and felt extremely relaxed with the low lighting.

Experience Showers

Inbetween each spa treatment you can wash off under the most intense shower I’ve ever had. There are different settings depending on what you desire. There is tropical warmth, arctic cool or refreshing mist at the push of a button, further enhanced with the infusion of aromatherapy oils whilst you shower. Mr B nearly jumped out of his skin trying out the cold shower with a deluge of water! Also available is the cold sheet or rain. My favourite was the refreshing mist. It was great for cooling off between the treatments.

Spa Pool

Mr B loved the spa pool, it’s perfect for relaxing tired muscles with the water jets moving the water around the pool. The jets are on the floor, seat, and sides.

Salt Steam Room

I really enjoyed our time in the Salt Steam Room. This room has a lower temperature and a salt inhalation injection system. Which creates air reminiscent to that experience of walking by a tropical beach. In addition to the health benefits and the cleansing of the skin, the additional aroma essence provides the perfect environment for those who wish to relax in this area for longer, or for those with more sensitive skin. This room made my skin feel really clean and soft. As I’m writing this a few days later it’s still feeling the same. I can’t wait to go back into this room again.

Skin - After-the-Aqua-Spa-China-Fleet

Aroma Steam Room

In this room, I can honestly say my lungs felt clearer after our visit in here. It’s got very high humidity and you feel the sweat running off your skin. It incorporates exotic essence mingling with a gentle flow of steam, complemented with colour mood lighting. The combination of high humidity and radiant heat invigorates the skin, respiratory and circulatory system.

Finnish Sauna

It’s hot in here! So what can the Finnish Sauna do for you? You can experience the health benefits of raising defences against infection and strengthening the immune system. It’s created by enhancing the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles to assist in muscle and ligament related problems. It can also have a positive effect on those suffering with varicose veins when subsequent cold showers are included in the experience. I liked the hot steam rooms more than this one, maybe because it was a dry heat. But it’s fantastic to have a whole range of different experiences.

Also at the Aqua Spa is an ice chute, so you can rub ice chips over you body. Great for helping with cellulite. This was a winner for me! And there are three Trepidarium heated contoured ceramic loungers to have a rest and relax on. They are long enough for tall people as well like 6ft 5 Mr B, just in case you were wondering.

Nature Trail

After our relaxing time at the Aqua Spa, before our afternoon tea we decided to go for a walk around. We noticed there is a great little play area for kids and a nature trail past the golf driving range. The nature trail is very pretty and takes you alongside the River Tamar Estuary. It was a lovely sunny afternoon so perfect for a walk.

Over looking the Tamar Estuary at China Fleet

Afternoon Tea

We were a little early arriving for our booked time in the Upper Deck Bistro, but the lovely staff member Abbie assured us this was OK and showed us to our seat. She brought us a water jug straight away while we waited for coffee and the afternoon tea to be brought out. The coffee was fantastic and great to see China Fleet using local producers as it was from the Cornish Coffee Company.

I’m a huge fan of afternoon teas. A few years back we had an amazing one in Betty’s at York. In fact, York has a great few places to go for afternoon tea!


Abbie then brought out the sandwiches and cakes. We were both a bit gobsmacked at how beautiful the cakes were.


There was a great range of sandwiches available with two of each. Mr B doesn’t like smoked salmon, so he swapped for my egg mayonnaise.


Sandwiches included:

  • Egg Mayonnaise
  • Smoked Salmon with cream cheese
  • Cheese and tomato relish
  • Chicken in a curried sauce
  • Ham and mustard

The cake stand was very pretty and again had two of each cake. Plus two scones, Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Cakes included:

  • Lemon cake
  • 2 Macrons, 1 chocolate, and 1 pistachio
  • Victoria sponge
  • Chocolate fudge cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Viennese whirls
  • 2 Scones with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam

Afternoon tea was a wonderful treat and finished off the afternoon brilliantly. We had the traditional afternoon tea, but there are other options as well, such as G&Tea, Prosecco afternoon tea and a children’s one is available as well. 24 hrs notice is required to book in for afternoon tea and is available 12:00-1730.

Overall Thoughts

Overall the whole leisure experience at China Fleet Country Club was amazing. it was easy to find, plenty of car parking, and signposted. Staff was lovely and very approachable. Excellent clean facilities and great tasting cakes. I only wish it was a bit closer to us!

How To Get To China Fleet Country Club

If you want to head over to try out their leisure facilities (open to the public as well as guests) you will find it 1.3 miles from Saltash and 7 miles from Plymouth, and only 15 minutes from Plymouth city centre.


China Fleet Country Club, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6LJ

Opening Times

Aqua Spa 

Monday – Friday: 6.30 am-10.00 pm

Saturday: 7.30 am-8.30 pm

Sunday: 7.30 am-9.00 pm

Bank Holidays: 7.30 am-9.00 pm

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  1. Thanks for the reminder – it’s ages since I visited China Fleet. I may not make use of all the amenities but sure will do justice to their ‘Afternoon Tea’.

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