Little Brian Paint Sticks: Mess-Free Painting – Review

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All young children love messy-play don’t they? But sometimes the mess can be overwhelming. Especially when the paints are out. Well, Little Brian Paint Sticks is a godsend for mess-free messy play painting. The age range for the paint sticks is 3 years plus, so the perfect age for L. She’s been learning lots of pen control at nursery, so I’ve been really surprised with how neat her drawings are becoming. She will sit down for at least half an hour with her paint sticks without moving. Now that is amazing!

Little Brian Paint Sticks: Mess-Free Painting - Review

Little Brian Paint Stick Products

Paint Sticks Classic and Metallic – 24 Pack Assorted

Paint Sticks Classic and Metallic - 24 Pack Assorted

Product Description

Paint sticks are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of techniques & blending, stamping, colour washing, scraping and dotting. Experiment with different effects, and create watercolour pictures by gently brushing water over the picture. No need for brushes, water or the usual mess that comes with painting. Pick your colour, lift the lid and twist, unleash your creativity and when finished just pack away – no mess! Paint dries quickly within minutes. This fantastic set includes 24 colours from the Little Brian range of paint sticks: 12 classic colours, 6-day glow colours, and 6 metallic colours.

RRP: £14.99 Available from Amazon

What We Think

We love the wide range of colours in this assortment pack. Mess-free painting at it’s finest. The colours are bright and strong and a perfect streak every time you draw with the sticks. The lighter and metallic colours are also very bold.

Any smears we got on the table easily wipes off. It is quick-drying, but still easy to wipe clean. We have yet to use them as stampers, but this is our next thing to do. Overall these paint sticks are a fantastic tool for young children, to be creative, while not having to clean up a huge mess afterward.

Paint Sticks Classic Art Station

Paint Sticks Classic Art Station

Product Description

Double-sided art station


  • Whiteboard/chalkboard.
  • Duster x 1.
  • Paper Sheets x 10.
  • Chalk Sticks x 6.
  • Classic Paint Sticks x 6.
  • Size H41cm.
  • Weight 1.6g.
  • For ages 3 years and over.
mess free art station


  • The perfect size for table top utilisation and is simple to fold away
  • Perfect for children to unleash creativity anywhere!
  • The handy clip can be used to utilise the art station as an easel for painting or drawing on paper.
  • Storage pots to store Paint Sticks & Chalk Sticks.

RRP: £29.99 Available from Argos

What We Think

This is a really useful art station for the paint sticks. L sits at the table painting away. Inside or outside! She loves to put her colours into the handy storage pots provided in the station.

L with her paint station and paint sticks

It will hold quite a few pages of A4 paper on the whiteboard side under the orange clip. The chalkboard side is a fantastic addition with the chalk sticks. Love the orange duster cloth provided, we did have to wet it a little to remove the chalk from the blackboard side.

storage compartment

There is a handle so when the easel is clipped down the whole station is portable. We are going to take it on holiday with us.

These Little Brian sticks are one of the best things available for mess-free painting. No need for brushes or water pots. The kids can enjoy themselves and you also get a piece of mind!

Outside play with paint sticks

Paint Sticks Bucket

little brian paint sticks bucket

Product Description

Handy bucket with a carry handle so can be carried/ transported around easily. Perfect for children to unleash creativity anywhere! Little Brian 20 Assorted Paint Sticks including Super silky paints in a strong vibrant classic, metallic and fluorescent colours; 12 Classic Colours, 6 Day Glow Colours, 2 Metallic Colours – Silver & Gold.

RRP: £12.99 Available from Argos

What We Think

A fantastic bucket of the sticks, that you can carry around anywhere. They can be used on many surfaces including paper, card, canvas, wood, and glass. The sticks can also be used with water to produce wonderful ‘wash’ which will take a little longer to dry than the 60 seconds.

They are very similar to a glue stick so you can wind them up or down and then replace the lid. No dripping and no mess.

It’s worth noting that the barrel and lid can be recycled.

mess free painting


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  1. These look perfect for encouraging drawing skills. Lovely bright colours too. My Grandson would love them!

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