Could Launching A Remote Business Change Your Life?

The trend for entrepreneurialism shows no signs of slowing down, as launching your own remote business becomes more and more popular and the tools to do it are more easily accessible. The lure of being your own boss, embracing flexible working and being able to fit making a living around family life, other commitments and responsibilities and things you’re passionate about is hugely appealing. But you don’t need to be located in London, Birmingham or Manchester to embrace your own start-up – creating businesses can be hugely important in coastal locations like Devon and Cornwall as it combats the issues of seasonal fluctuation and relative distance from a major city with remote working. The tools are now so advanced that setting up a company anywhere, at any time is now a reality for millions – and you could be one of them.

Could Launching A Remote Business Change Your Life?

Find Your Niche

The first trick is to find a niche that you can make your own – whether it’s a cake-making business or a marketing consultancy, finding the values which will set your business apart is what will make you successful. Think about your own passions and interest, as well as any gaps in the market you can see. Know what you will do differently, and how best to connect with an audience that will want what you are offering.

Create A Professional Website

With sites like Wix, it’s very easy to set up a professional-looking website using a fully customisable template, or you could find a local web designer to work with. Your website is the biggest investment you’ll need to make – it’s your shop window to the world, so make sure that what you end up with is content-rich, fully optimised for SEO, has great website usability and funnels people towards a clear end goal – whether that’s making contact with you or putting through a purchase.

Use Social Media To Reach Out

Your audience is out there – and they’re connected. Find the networks that they use and develop a marketing strategy around those channels. Knowledge is power – use social listening to find out the latest topics of interest and what people are saying about your competitors. This knowledge can set you up to do things differently and respond to customer wants – a very strong offer for your business. The platforms you concentrate on depend on the nature of your business. If you’re operating in the B2B space selling services, then getting involved in LinkedIn Groups is usually a good bet. If you’re selling a pretty, visual product then Instagram can be a natural fit. Do some research and spend time developing your profiles and stockpiling content before ‘going live’.

Leverage The Power Of Testimonials

Studies show that testimonials from satisfied customers have the power to boost sales, so make your site transparent with plenty of featured feedback. An honest review can go a long way towards making your next sale, especially when you’re based remotely.

Recruit As You Grow

As you go about launching a remote business, there will be opportunities that require more staffing to take on. Attracting the right people to help your business grow relies on having a shared vision and values. Use the best job boards to advertise your vacancies online – and whether it’s getting some admin support or some additional marketing resource, if you have the right tools you can offer the position to anyone in the country. Use software like Trello to work collaboratively over long distances, set up regular Skype calls to stay in contact and keep your documents and files in a cloud storage system. That way you can access the best talent no matter where you’re physically located.

Stay In Touch

Operating with a remotely-based team means that communication is more important than ever. Prioritise a monthly web-based conference call and give your staff the chance individually to raise any problems or concerns with you directly. Set up your organisation with something like Microsoft Teams so that you can always be contactable and cascade information instantly to everybody. Celebrate successes and reward good performance by sending small gifts through the post to enhance that feeling of connection.

Keep Your Existing Customers Happy

As a business leader, it’s easy to become overly focused on acquiring new customers, but make sure that you also have an ongoing programme for your existing customers. Your aim should be to convert your customers to advocates for the brand by surprising and delighting them. Think intelligently about promotional opportunities based on their past purchase history. Offer special discounts, early access, loyalty programmes or refer a friend scheme to keep them connected to you and give them a reason to return to you.

With some careful planning, launching a remote business could soon be up and running – no matter where in the world you are.

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