Why Is It Important To Schedule Social Media?

When I first started out blogging nearly 5 years ago I had no clue about scheduling social media. Now I’ve learned so much knowledge on social media recently I know why it’s important to schedule social media. To increase your brand awareness. Which is what I’m sharing with you today. How consistency is key to building your brand on social media and you need a social media calendar to do this!

Why Is It Important To Schedule Social Media?

How to be consistent on social media?

Being consistent on social media is key for your audience and therefore growth. But before you learn how to be consistent you need to know why consistency is important.

  • You want your brand to be instantly recognised wherever you post on social media. So images and memes need to be watermarked with your logo or name. This also prevents stealing. Keep your themes the same over each platform, if you decide to use multiple ones.
  • Posting frequency is vital. You need to post regular and this is where you need a good social media posting schedule planned. Having content scheduled ultimately saves you time which can be put to good use elsewhere.
  • Don’t spread yourself thin. At the start, think about which social media channel you want to focus on and concentrate on building that. Most small businesses start with Facebook. You can use this platform to engage with your audience. Engagement is another key point not to forget. Your audience and therefore potential customers look for a human touch, so respond to all your messages and comments. Each social media platform caters to different audiences. Do your research and make sure the platform you have chosen to start with is right for your business.

Why schedule social media for your business?

As a blogger, we have multiple job roles within our business. And yes bloggers are business owners. We provide information to our customers. One of those job roles is being our own social media manager. Here are a few reasons why social media managers schedule content for weeks or even months ahead.

  • There could be days when you don’t have a clue what to share on social media that day. You could be feeling under the weather and thinking properly. In this case having content scheduled has eased this headache. You can relax!
  • Us bloggers have most social media platforms. Using a scheduler helps us manage each platform and post across them all. You can plan ahead for special events and days.
  • Scheduling frees up your time to engage and chat with your followers and grow your audience. It also helps to learn when to schedule your content so it reaches the maximum exposure. If you have planned and scheduled well in advance you can use this extra time to tinker with the best scheduling times. Changing algorithms are the bane of a social media manager’s life. We have to keep adapting to the changes and researching hashtags to increase reach.
  • It gives you more free time. Sometimes my most optimum times to post also co-inside with bathtime and bedtime with the girls. Scheduling ahead leaves me this time free to relax getting them into bed!

Do you use a social media scheduler? How have you found using one? Has it made your life easier? I’d love to read your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by today, as always I hope you have found these tips useful.

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3 thoughts on “Why Is It Important To Schedule Social Media?

  1. I am not a blogger but enjoy reading bloggers’ content. Have always wondered how they all manage to keep their homes running, their families nurtured and healthy and still produce great blog posts. Now I know!

  2. Thank you for this.
    I must admit to being a real novice here.
    I’d love to know how to market my books more without it becoming a chore.
    For now I am busy with teaching, crochet, Lego and books, oh and semi retirement and a new baby grandson. (I don’t see enough of him yet)
    On top of this my daughter is getting married this year . 😆😊☺️😁

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