The Penguin Party by Alison Orlandi – Book Review

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Our latest book we’ve been reading at bedtime is The Penguin Party Written by Alison Orlandi and illustrated by Kathrine Gutkovskiy. But this children’s book is a little different from our usual stories. It’s a personalised book with themes running through it on self-worth, gratitude, and forgiveness. Important values to know about growing up.

The Penguin Party by Alison Orlandi - Book Review

Book Description

Set on a magical island where a group of Rockhopper penguins throw a wonderful party to celebrate your child’s arrival into the world.

The Rockhoppers bring the newborn baby a series of special gifts. These are no ordinary presents, for these take the form of values that will help the little child understand the world and their worth.

Later in the book, the child – now at school age – discovers the most precious gift of all can’t be given. They are born with it.

With themes of self-worth, gratitude, and forgiveness contained throughout, this personalised book helps you share with your child the values that they will need to navigate and live a happy and balanced life.

The Penguin Party by Alison Orlandi - Book Review

Our Thoughts

A lovely story where your child is welcomed into their own special island surrounded by family and friends. It’s well thought out and written with little ones in mind. The addition of familiar family and friends’ names makes it much more special and relatable.

The Penguin Party from Annabee’s Books makes a wonderful gift for the birth of a baby, birthday, Christmas or as a christening gift. I know we will treasure our copy. It’s great to read to L over and over again and we can even go back to in a couple of years when L understands the concepts a little more.

The personalisation of the characters of the book was a fun process when “designing” the book. I think my character is pretty accurate – I got the red hair in a bob with the glasses! Diversity is extremely important and The Penguin Party acknowledges this during its customisation process. All types of families can be represented, like single parents and same sex families.

L is 4 years old and doesn’t quite understand some of the book, especially the value of self-belief just yet, but she understood the personalised character’s to her. But she’s full of 20 questions about everything at the moment so it did lead to a great discussion and shes knows how special she is. One of her other favourite books is called What Wesley Wore and that is about acceptance, so The Penguin Party has just built on her understanding of this.

Available From Annabee’s Books

Softcover £19.99 and Hardcover £24.99 (excluding shipping).

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  1. How lovely. I am always looking for new books for the children and this would be wonderful for our youngest. Thank you for the review.

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