What Wesley Wore by Samuel Langley-Swain

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Bedtime reading is our moment to enjoy a good picture book. This past week we’ve been reading What Wesley Wore by Samuel Langley-Swain and illustrated by Ryan Sonderegger.

book cover of What Wesley Wore by Samuel Langley-Swain

Book Description

All the weasels in Westburrow Wood are supposed to follow the rules and
fit in. So, imagine their confusion when they meet Wesley, a wacky weasel, who is obsessed with clothes! As the other weasels’ plot and protest against Wesley, readers will be eager to find out what happens, in this heart- warming story about acceptance.

What Wesley Wore by Samuel Langley-Swain

What We Thought

It’s a story that even from the start you know it’s different from other everyday children’s picture books. What Wesley Wore is about acceptance. Wesley is different from the other weasels in the wood. He has style and is proud to wear his bright and bold colourful clothes. Much to the dismay of the other weasels. They call him names and are bullies, plain and simple.

L is only three years old so is a little young to understand the concept of the book. But she did pick up on Wesley crying and wanted to know why he was sad. I found the book sad and upsetting to start. It has its dark moments for sure, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

Reading What Wesley Wore

It’s a book to read with your children to show that it’s OK to be different. The words have a rhyme to them, which is a great tool for young children to keep them interested. The illustrations are fantastic and they show the dark moments in the book, as well as the happier ones.

What Wesley Wore is a great addition to a children’s library and one you can go back to overtime if needs be.

Totally deserving of 5 stars from us.

Available From

Published on the 28th May with Owlet Press, available at Waterstones

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6 thoughts on “What Wesley Wore by Samuel Langley-Swain

  1. This is a great book that tackles an issue children face and explain it . It allows an opening for a conversation that might need to be had.

  2. This sounds like a great book for children to learn about acceptance, and also that bullying someone is mean.

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