Four Important Things to Keep in Mind for your Kid’s Party

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Your son or daughter’s childhood goes by in a flash. Throwing them amazing parties for their yearly milestones is hopefully a given! If you’re reading this, you’re probably already considering throwing a party for your child. Parties like this will be something for your child to remember and look back on for years to come, and help them punctuate each year of their young lives. 

Here are our tips on putting together a great, fun party for your child and their friends.

Food & Cake

For food, there are plenty of finger food recipes online that appeal to children, such as pigs in blankets or mini gingerbread men. If you don’t wish to cook yourself, you can always pop to the shops to pick up some pre-prepared kid’s finger food like mini-burgers or sausage rolls. Luckily, the general food shouldn’t be the most important thing for the kids. They’ll be looking forward to the main prize – the birthday cake!

food at kid's party

Any great kid’s birthday party has a showstopper of a birthday cake. Make sure you have a birthday cake for your child and their friends to enjoy after the main meal. You can go for a supermarket bought cake (always safe and tasty!) or branch out further for a customised birthday cake decorated with something personal to your child, for instance, their name, a message to them and a  hobby they enjoy. 

birthday cake

To add some extra flare to a birthday cake, you can add some sparklers instead of regular candles. Sparklers always have the wow-factor and make for some great photo opportunities!

Games & Entertainment

Keeping a group kids entertained can be difficult, but it’s paramount to making the kid’s birthday party a success.  There are many many ways to keep children entertained at a party, ranging from almost cost-free to fairly expensive.

kid's party - Games and entertainment at kid's birthday party

For low-hassle and low-cost kids party entertainment, you can put together some simple games using basic household items. For instance, the toilet roll Mummy game: teams of kids need to wrap one team member in toilet roll to create the best and neatest-looking Egyptian Mummy. 

You could also opt for a game of balloon pop, which involves writing small challenges on strips of paper (dancing, licking their elbow etc,) adding them to balloons, and getting your little guests to try to pop the balloons along to the music. When the music stops, whoever was last touching the balloon has to pop it and perform the challenge inside. 

Other forms of entertainment include kids party entertainers, who are always going to run-up a bigger cost than simple games, but usually prove to be a hit! Kids love to have someone in a great costume to play and interact with. Kids entertainers come in various forms, with some performing tricks, some DJing, and some acting as famous kids characters. 

kid's dancing at party - kid's party

Lastly, make sure you have music at your kid’s party. If you can, having a space for dancing at some point during your party will always be appreciated by your little guests.


What good would all this fun be if it eventually went forgotten? Instead of trying to remember to snap a phone photo every once in a while, you can hire a kids party photographer without breaking the bank. 

With Perfocal, you can hire an amazing professional photographer to capture all the best moments of your kid’s party from as little as £99. All the while giving you one less thing to worry about on the day of your kid’s party. 

photographer at kid's party

Photographers no longer need to be an unaffordable luxury. And in this day and age, did it even happen if there are no photos? 

Your professionally snapped photos can be shared with all your guests with a public link to your gallery. Beautiful photos are the perfect party favour!


Decorating a kid’s party can be a simple task, or a challenge, depending on what your goals are. Once you’ve found your party venue, then you can start thinking about how you’d like to decorate.

If you simply want to jazz up a dull-looking room or hall, opt for classic balloons and bunting. You can even fashion your own decorations from colourful tissue paper, such as pom-poms or pinwheels. Make sure you also remember paper table cloths, as well as paper plates, cups, and serviettes. 

If you want to go a little further, you can push the boat out with a custom banner or wall mural including your child’s name, and the occasion you’re celebrating. 

kid's party decorations at birthday party

You can embellish your wall mural with custom balloons, for instance, in the shape of an arch. You can also order custom balloons bearing the name of your child, add a bubble machine or a smoke machine, snow machine, or disco lights, to jazz up the scene of your kid’s party. 

These basics might come across as obvious if you’re planning a kids party, but these tips could make or break your party! Food and cake, entertainment, photographers, and decoration are integral to a great party. Good luck planning!

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