Visiting Switzerland on a Budget Is Indeed Possible: Here are 5 Things to Remember

Few would argue that Switzerland has a richly deserved reputation for being one of the most picturesque country’s in the world but it is often said that that beauty comes at a price, as it is a place that is also renowned for being expensive when you stay there.

Visiting Switzerland on a Budget

However, when you are browsing through information like from sanetraveller to find your perfect holiday package you should not be deterred, as it is perfectly possible to visit on a budget.

Here are some suggestions to help you plan a trip to Switzerland that won’t break the bank.

Fairytale landscapes on your doorstep

The first point to make about Switzerland is that it is quite a small country and that means it is perfectly feasible to find a place to use as a base and then travel around to different places using public transport.

Booking various different hotels together with associated transfer costs will soon add to the cost of your trip and make it more expensive than necessary.

A good tip would be to stay in one place and plan excursions from there, as this will stretch your budget further. It’s on our family holiday bucket list to visit one day! Switzerland on a budget is possible for us!

Resist the city lights

Another great way to keep your costs under control is to stay in a town close to one of the major cities rather than in it.

Not only will you enjoy a more real-life view of Switzerland but you will enjoy picture-postcard surroundings and can travel into the city on a day trip if you want to.

Bern , the capital of Switzerland.

Be savvy with your souvenir shopping

Most of us like to come back with a few treats and souvenirs to remind us of a trip but it should come as no surprise that these can be costly in Switzerland.

Don’t feel you have to miss out on these treats to keep within your travel budget.

The trick is to buy some of that famous Swiss chocolate at local grocery stores rather than in one of the many tourist traps where the same bars are likely to be much more expensive.

It might be a small and simple tip but where you buy can be just as important as what you buy, especially on a budget.

Soak up the scenery and some attractions for free

It is always fascinating to immerse yourself in some local culture and history which is why museums are often worth visiting.

The great news is that you should be able to find a number of free attractions, allowing you to spend some free hours learning about the country before strolling around the scenic surroundings in the area without spending much at all.

Idyllic mountain landscape in the Swizz Alps

Fresh air is always free

Thankfully, no one has found a way to charge for air just yet and that means you can go hiking in Switzerland and enjoy plenty of fresh air while taking in the spectacular landscapes you are traversing through.

There are even some amazing lakes where the locals like to swim, so you can truly enjoy the great outdoors without needing to reach for your wallet.

Visiting Switzerland is most certainly possible to do on a budget, especially if you have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep the costs down.

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