3 Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Accessible To Your Audience

A blog post seems like a very simple thing. When you strip it down, it’s just words on a page. For many people, a blog post is perfectly fine. They can go to your website and read it whenever they like. However, you might be neglecting certain portions of your audience by restricting the accessibility of your posts. Remember, different people like to engage with content in different ways. This can be a preferential thing, or it might be down to a disability. Either way, you should try and make your blog posts more accessible to everyone – here’s how:

3 Clever Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Accessible To Your Audience

Audio versions

Take your written post and turn it into an audio file that people can stream or download. When someone lands on your site, they have the option to either read the post or listen to it. This makes your blog more accessible to people who perhaps have vision issues and can’t really read that well. You also appeal to people that prefer to take in audio content over written stuff. Technically, this is a great way of repurposing your content as well. You can also create the audio yourself by speaking, or there are online services where you can get someone else to do it for you. 


Secondly, you should offer translations of your blog posts. If you wanted, you could create translated versions of your entire website. I know there are businesses like Architekst that offer a service like this. That way, your blog becomes accessible to people who speak a different language to you. Or, you could include translated options of each post as links at the top of the page. This lets people who might know some English, but are fluent in a different language, choose how they read your content. It’s a great idea for two reasons: one, you obviously have the added accessibility. Two, you bring a new audience to your blog and can gain more readers. 

3 Clever Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Accessible To Your Audience

Downloaded copies

Lastly, it could be beneficial to offer downloaded versions of your blog posts. What’s the point in this? Well, think about people who might want to read your blog but don’t have an internet connection? This could be people who are abroad, or people on a plane/train, etc. By giving a download option, your audience can prepare for journeys by downloading your content to a mobile device. Then, they can read your posts even when there’s no internet connection. Again, your blog is more accessible as you’re appealing to a specific demographic that may have felt left in the dark before. If your blog offers offline reading, then it also sets you apart from others out there. 

The moral of the story is that you should try to appeal to all factions within your audience to make your blog posts more accessible. Be aware that people have different tastes and preferences. If someone prefers audio content, then give them the option. If people from other countries want to read your posts in their language, then let them! The more accessible your blog is, the bigger your audience will grow. 

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