A Beginner’s Guide To Repurposing Your Blog Content

Blogs are websites that people visit to engage with different content. You have an audience out there that wants to read what you write, and it’s your job to keep them intrigued as much as possible. As a result, you need to explore different ways of engaging your audience and tapping into new channels to grow your blog. One idea to help you do this is content repurposing. 

Repurposing your blog content - Blogging Is A Lonely Business - But It Doesn’t Have To Be

What is this, how do you do it, and why should you do it? All of these questions will be answered in this beginner’s guide to repurposing your blog content!

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is when you take a piece of blog content and re-deliver it to your audience in a different format. The core messages and ideas within that piece of content remain the same, but the difference is in how your audience engages with it. Some people call it content recycling as you’re getting more uses out of the same piece of content. You’re not copying a blog post word-for-word and re-uploading it, that’s called being lazy! Instead, you’re putting the effort in to turn your blog post into something new and different. 

How do you repurpose blog content?

As mentioned above, it’s not as simple as generating the same article over and over again. You should explore different forms of media to provide new experiences for your audience. One great idea is turning your blog post into a video. You could take this really seriously and find a production website that can help you create top-quality video content, and the idea is that you deliver this content in a new format. The video will be entirely different from the written article, even though the actual content is very similar. 

Another idea is to turn content into a podcast where you talk about the same ideas and basically read through the post. This way, you can add new things to the content and talk about any extra things that you’ve thought of since producing the post. Or, you could transform the post into a lovely visual infographic. There are tonnes of websites online that let you build and create infographics to capture an audience. 

Why repurpose your content?

What’s the point of doing this? Well, think about one of the blogging basics; you have to keep your audience engaged, and you need to find new ways of growing your blog. Repurposing your content does both of these things. The new formats will engage your audience in a new way and can provide them with extra information that the original post didn’t have. 

But, providing different formats will also reel in new audience members. Some people might not want to read a 1000-word blog post, but they would like to watch a short video, listen to a podcast, or engage with an infographic. Essentially, you’re catering to different tastes, letting you reel in more blog viewers every month!

All in all, repurposing content is a smart idea if you want to find new audience members and grow your blog. You’ve seen some ways to do it, now get out there and repurpose your content!

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