Blog Basics That You Need To Know As A Blogger

As a blogger, you might be new to the industry, or perhaps you’ve been doing it for a while but could do with some fresh advice on what essentials are needed as a blogger. So here are some blog basics that you need to know as a blogger.

Blog Basics That You Need To Know As A Blogger
Blog Basics That You Need To Know As A Blogger

Improving SEO Should Be On Your To-Do List

SEO isn’t something that you should ignore, and in fact, you want to be taking it seriously from the very beginning. Regardless of whether your blog is just a hobby or whether you want to make it into a career, improving your site is how you’re going to get more people to your blog.

Look at how you can improve your content to make it more SEO-friendly and try to replace any broken links that you currently have on your blog. Keep on top of your page speed in general and use companies like this one to get professional advice on how to improve this area of your blog. It’s worth the investment if it’s your business, after all.

You Need To Chase The Work

We’d all like to get work and opportunities to land on our lap because it would make everything so much easier. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the case, and you have to be willing to pitch and reach out to brands and companies directly to work with them. The more effort you are willing to go out there and search for the work, the sooner you’ll be receiving emails that offer you work directly. It’s all about getting yourself as a blogger out there and being able to pitch your ideas to these brands. After all, they might not really need your promotion but would be willing to work with you because you show an interest in their company, services, or products.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Being able to promote yourself can sometimes be difficult because it might often seem like your boasting. However, it’s something you want to move past because promotion is only going to be great for your blog. Promote your content on social media, and don’t be afraid to do this on a daily basis. For twitter, the likelihood of some of your tweets being seen will be pretty minimal, so try to do as many as you can without it seeming spammy. You can automate all of your promotions, too, so it can help you save valuable time that you spend in other areas of your blog.

Create High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality content is useful for SEO because Google loves long-form content. It identifies it as being rich content, and therefore, you want to be producing as much of it as possible. Remember that it’s good quality and not just long blog posts that are poor in content. You need to search for stock photos that can complement the content. Lately, there is a trend for unDraw, which is to take ordinary stock images to the illustration world. I for one love illustrations like my own blog header. It brings a bit of personalisation to the brand.

These blogging basics will help you build your blog from the very beginning in the most effective way. Embrace SEO where you can and use social media to promote as much of your content as possible.

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