5 WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Online Shop From Hackers

You won’t have to do much research before too find a good WordPress security plugins. There’s a tonne of information, an abundance of advice and lots of reviews. Though all this information is helpful, it can be overwhelming. There’s a high chance that you will find yourself confused by the range of options, which only causes stress and a lack of surety. It’s important to keep all websites safe and secure online, but this is even more important when it’s an eCommerce website. Hackers can take down an eCommerce website in a matter of minutes, stealing data and personal information with ease. Not only is this risky for you, but for your customers too. That is unless you have protection. There is no shortage of WordPress plugins that are aimed at protecting an online shop from hackers but knowing which is right for you can be tough. After all, you want to give your website the best protection and don’t want to take any risks.

5 WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Online Shop From Hackers
Protect Your Online Shop From Hackers

5 Popular WordPress Plugins To Keep An Online Shop Safe and Secure

If you don’t do something to protect your online shop, you could find yourself being hacked before you know it. Though adding a security plugin may seem like a stressful and time-consuming task, it really doesn’t need to be. A lot of the WordPress security plugins have been designed to do a good job, whilst being straightforward and simple to use. Even without much technical experience, you will be able to install and operate the following plugins.

  • Sucuri Security – The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin offers auditing, malware scanning, and security hardening. There are a number of things that make Sucuri Security a good choice for protecting an online shop from hackers – such as the fact that there are multiple variations of SSL certificates available and you will receive instant notifications when something is wrong with the website – and it’s a hugely popular choice. Sucuri Security boasts a tonne of customer service options, which means help is always available should you need it. There are also a number of additional benefits you can get with Sucuri Security if you opt for a paid plan, though a lot of the most valuable tools are available with the free plugin.
  • iThemes Security – If you are looking for one of the most impressive ways to protect your online shop from hackers, consider installing iThemes Security. It boasts a wide range of features to prevent hackers and intruders, with a focus on obsolete software and weak passwords. iThemes Security includes a lot of basic security features as part of the free plugin plan, but paid options are available. iThemes Security enforces strong passwords, locks out bad users, has two-factor authentication and regular backups the database. It even detects when a file has been changed and highlights if anything malicious has been placed within a file, something many website owners are often unaware of. 
  • Wordfence Security – As one of the most popular WordPress security plugins, it should come as no surprise that Wordfence Security made the list. With Wordfence Security, the focus is on protecting the website and recovering data should something go wrong. It also allows website owners to gain insight into traffic trends, hack attempts and any patterns with intruders. If you have a smaller website, the free version of Wordfence Security should be enough to keep your online shop safe but those with larger websites may want to upgrade.
  • Jetpack – If you have owned WordPress websites before, you have probably heard of Jetpack. Jetpack has a lot of features that help to keep an eCommerce website safe, which makes it ideal for protecting an online shop from hackers. Made from the people behind WordPress, there’s no denying that the plugin works extremely well with the platform. You can use it to strengthen social media, boost website speed and protect against spam. When it comes to security, Jetpack is reliable and cost-effective. It’s able to block suspicious activity, use brute force attack protection and whitelisting. There are additional plugins that can be used alongside the main plugin, all of which can be managed via Jetpack itself. If you want to eliminate the need for other plugins, Jetpack is well worth looking into.
  • Security Ninja – Security Ninja performs over 50 security tests, which means that no stone is left unturned when it comes to protecting your online shop from hackers. These security tests range from checking files, checking MySQL files and a number of PHP settings. Security Ninja does a brute force check of all user passwords and highlights those that are weak, which helps to educate other users on security and how to choose a password that offers enough protection. This is a good WordPress plugin for those who don’t know much about technology or keeping a website completely safe, as there is an auto fixer module that resolves any detected issues. It will also scan plugins and themes to check for any malware, as well as logging all events that happen on the website. This even includes minor changes, such as which users have logged in and when.

There’s no telling whether or not your online shop will suffer a security breach, as hackers can attack at any moment. Sometimes they focus on large and successful brands, other times they focus on smaller websites with fewer customers and less revenue. This is why it’s important for all website owners to take precautions, as there is no telling who will be hacked. Though it’s impossible to keep a website completely safe at all times, adding a WordPress security plugin goes a long way towards keeping things as secure as possible. By highlighting any potential hacker activity and security issues, you as a website owner are able to solve the problems before anything serious happens. A WordPress website without a security plugin is open to hackers and intruders at any time.

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