Our Family Holiday Bucket List

*Our Family Holiday Bucket List is a collaborative post

As the girls are getting older, I’m getting less and less anxious to travel with them now. I’ve always been the mum who wants to crawl into a hole when their kids play up when we are out in public. To be honest I’d rather take them to play on the beach, to the park or woods where no one can hear them. But I feel as if we are getting through this phase now, and I’d like to look to the future and put together a family holiday bucket list.

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Family Holiday Bucket List Ideas

Over the past few months, we have been chatting about where we would like to go. Getting inspiration from other blogger’s travel bucket lists. These places are on the list:

Disney World, Florida

Like most families with children, Disney World in Florida is on our bucket list. But we won’t be going for a few years yet until the girls are older, around 10 and 8 so they can appreciate it more and remember.

As a big kid myself I can’t wait to go. I’ve already started to plan what to see and do. We want to go to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and not forgetting the Animal Kingdom. As a minimum. Another thing we’ve discussed is the accommodation. Now we are going to do Disney once, so we want to do it properly and stay in a Disney hotel and preferable a Disney themed room. That would be a dream come true!

Disney World, Florida

Norwegian Fjord Cruise

I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. I love anything Scandinavian and this would be perfect. I’m not into cruising around the hotter climates, but Norway has always fascinated me. I can’t think of anything prettier than sailing through the icy cliffs, fishing villages, and waterfalls. Exploring family friendly cruises is something I’d definitely love to do.

Our Family Holiday Bucket List - Norwegian Fjords


I absolutely love The Sound of Music ever since I was a child. So one of the places I’ve wanted to visit since forever is Austria. In particular Salzburg and Vienna. Personally I would love to go on a Sound of Music tour of all the film locations, but I know this would be a step too much for Mr B!

Our Family Bucket List - Salzburg in Winter


My older sister lives in Vancouver, and I would love to go on a holiday out there to see her and the city. When she lived in Toronto, Mr B and I went out for a holiday there for a few weeks. But that was before the girls! Vancouver looks and sounds such a pretty city to explore.

What are your family holiday bucket list ideas? Is there someplace you would love to explore with your family?

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6 thoughts on “Our Family Holiday Bucket List

  1. I’m dreaming of fabulous holidays after reading this post. Thank you. Hope you get through your holiday bucket list.

      1. Mine are grown now. We did a few Greek places together though, when they were younger.

        My daughter lives out in Canada. We have been to Vancouver. It’s an amazing place. You do need to go.

        Tbh we have done alot of traveling with my late husband so not loads I still want to see. Pretty well travelled.

        It was/is always our one area we spent and I spend still money in. Been to about 15 different places and return to Kefrlonia yearly

        I go back to Kefelonia every year where we always went. It’s a very safe Greek island and many women travel their alone.

        I still want to do the Holy land and Jerusalem is definite. I would love to take the grandchildren out to Canada when they are older snd New Zeslsnd too as our youngest lives there.

        Two of my four have stayed local thank goodness, else I would have a bit of a persecution complex 🙃

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