What Is There To Do In Munich?

One of the places I need to add to my bucket list is Munich. I’ve always wanted to explore the capital of the German state Bavaria. To see the old buildings and museums. To take in the culture and learn about Oktoberfest. But what is there to do in Munich? Is it possible to explore in one day?

Well, I’ve been reading up and researching the different things to see and do and have come up with this list, or plan of what we want to do. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and found out that there are many things you can do in Munich in just one day! It’s a modern thriving city, but also has a rich history and culture.

Old Town Hall and Marienplatz, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The best place to start is at Marienplatz or Mary’s Square. Right at the heart of Munich. The square has a column called the Marian column, which was built in 1638 and celebrates the withdrawal of Swedish troops from Munich during the 30 Years’ War. It is topped with a gold statue of the Virgin Mary. Hence the name Mary’s Square! Most walking tours of the city start here. I think it would make the perfect base for your holiday.

If you love picturesque buildings then it’s worth stopping to look around the town halls in Old Munich. There are two. The Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall. The Old Town Hall was built around the 15th century in a Gothic style, but was later destroyed during World War II. But reading more on the town hall, it was restored after the war. The New Town Hall is near the Marian Column and is used as an office building.

If you are looking to do some shopping, then there is the Fünf Höfe. A rather large shopping mall, with many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Ideal to spend a few hours in! It has many visual attractions to see inside. Fünf Höfe is located near Marienplatz.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see all these sights in Munich? As you know I love to enter competitions and I’m always entering competitions to win a holiday. One day I may be lucky to win one to somewhere like Munich. Fingers crossed!

Things to do in Munich - Viktualienmarkt, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Lastly, if you love to browse food markets then it could be worth a visit to The Viktualienmarkt. It’s open daily near to Marienplatz and absolutely brimming full of delicious cheese, meats, fruit, and veg. Don’t forget to ask for a sample! Looking to relax while you are there? Then pop over to the beer garden or Biergarten.

I’m pretty sure these will keep you busy for one day in Munich, but there is so much more to see and do, I didn’t even mention the Englischer Garten or St Peter’s Church or for motor enthusiasts the BMW Museum!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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