Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Creative writing can be an enjoyable activity to do with your children because it engages their imagination. It is also great from an academic perspective because it teaches a variety of skills. When your child gets to GCSE and A-Level, they will be required to write essays for various subjects at school. This means that in order to do well, they will have to have decent writing skills. With that said, it’s something worth exploring from a young age. So, you may be wondering how to encourage your child to delve into creative writing. Here are some ideas from a private college in London

Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

As a first step, it might be worth encouraging your child to re-write the ending to their favourite book. This will be far easier than starting from scratch because the characters and plot have already been developed. Alternatively, you could ask them to write a review of the book, using adjectives to describe how they felt about the story; was it heart-warming? Was the ending shocking? Were the characters relatable? The trick is to get them thinking more critically and consider the key elements of a good narrative. 

If your child is ready to write their own story from scratch, it’s worth starting with a mind map. This will allow them to get their thoughts out on paper so that they can start to build out the plot and characters. If they don’t know how to use a mind map, ask them to think about their senses; what would they be able to see, hear, feel and smell if they were a character in the story? If the story is set in a forest, for instance, they might be able to hear the rustle of leaves beneath their feet or the trees swaying in the breeze. 

If your child is struggling, don’t be afraid to get involved. Perhaps you can suggest an opening sentence or three main characters to get them started. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration from another story to get things going. These sorts of activities are a great way to bond with your child while helping develop their imagination and allowing them to expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling and grammar. 

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