What time is? It’s road trip time!

It’s summertime! Time of the year for leaving the city behind and heading somewhere new or closer to nature. It’s time for adventures and racing against the time before autumn sets in again. I have put together a quick list of a few tips for heading off onto a summer road trip in collaboration with I&K Motors.

Heading off on a road trip- handy tips on what to pack

Have a plan

I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shock but decide where you are heading. If you are bringing kids or pets with you, plan out an appropriate route and schedule in a few stops along the way for toilet breaks and water breaks.

Summer Road Trip Tips

Pack but don’t overpack

Going on a road trip makes it tempting to pack everything because it’s so easy to just throw it in the car. Try and avoid that. You already know where you’re going, and weather reports usually are quite accurate a day or two in advance.

Of course, you should have some backup outfits in case of spills, slips in the mud or unforeseen night out, but there is no need to bring another extra suitcase!

But food!

If you are visiting the countryside or the beach, why not plan a little picnic? Eating in the fresh air is one of the loveliest things about summer! If you’re a fussy eater or have specific allergies, planning a picnic will give you more control over your meal than eating in a restaurant or a café would be.

Plan it around an event

The summer calendar is filled with fringe music festivals and glamping get-togethers. Planning a road trip around those will help with finding cool activities to do. Instead of just opting for a music festival, look into arts or beach festivals instead. You’re bound to find something unique that offers cool activities that you might not usually get a chance to do.

going away on a road trip

Go, go, go

Really this is supposed to be fun. Planning is essential, yes, but after all, it’s the time to spend with your friends, so the best you can do is unplug your electronics, jump in your car and set off for an adventure. You will be able to figure out the little details later so long you know the big things like where you are going, how you are getting there and where you’ll be staying overnight.

You got this! Set off and enjoy your summer!

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