What To Do If You Spill Red Wine On A Sofa?

Spill red wine on soft furniture…. Eeek, it’s a nightmare just thinking about it. However, the harsh reality is it can happen to the best and most careful of us. Thankfully, the expert crafters of chesterfield sofas from Robinsons of England are here to help. Fear not, none of the solutions are buying a red sofa for your living room, so the spills are undetectable!

how to clean red wine off the sofa

Think fast, act even faster

Turning into a lunatic and disturbing your social event to strip your sofa might totally kill the mood, but if your sofas have loose covers, throwing those in a washing machine straight away will give you the best chance of getting the stain out. Make sure you have products in your washing cupboard that are strong yet gentle enough to treat a spill of red wine that stains.

So what if you have an upholstered sofa?  It’s tricky.

what to do if you spill red wine on a sofa

Blot it and get a stain remover pen ASAP

Your best bet for removing a stain is first to blot the stain to absorb all the liquid with a cloth first. Do not rub the stain – use dabbing motions to avoid the wine absorbing further in the fabric! Also, be mindful of your cloth – it has to be clean, dry and unpatterned (to prevent any other colour transfers). 

Firs dab it dry then use a stain remover pen, this is your best chance getting the stain out. Try not to add too much water, when removing the stain to preserve from spreading the stain.

Salt and sparkling water

After dabbing the stain with a cloth pour some sparkling water and add salt to the stain. Let it sit. Many cases, this is enough to remove the red wine stain. However, if necessary, you can take it a step further…

Dishwashing Liquid & Hydrogen Peroxide

Please be safe about using Hydrogen Peroxide, use it as instructed and if necessary protect your skin and eyes.

Mixing HP and dishwashing soap is a great DIY solution if the salt and sparkling water technique hasn’t been as successful as you would have hoped. Simply mix 1:1 HP to dishwashing soap and let the stain soak for a bit, reapply the solution if necessary. With this technique, avoid rubbing the stain – it shouldn’t be required.

Get a professional

There are many other methods available online such as the vinegar and the white wine method. Reviews of those methods seem to be mixed, so your best bet is getting a professional upholstery cleaner to handle the job.


If you’re in the market for a new sofa, the best thing to do is choose a finish that is liquid-resistant such as leather, for example. Now not everyone wants a leather sofa in their living room, but if you’re unlucky and prone to accidents, it might be a reasonable precaution.

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