Nenuco Baby, Household and Spanish Cleaning Products Review

As you know we love trying out new products. Well, the past few weeks we have been testing out this great range of Spanish cleaning products UK – Nenuco baby, household and cleaning products from stockists Lemon Fresh UK. Nenuco is a popular brand in Spain and is known for its gorgeous lemon and fresh smelling products. I can totally see why now!

Lemon Fresh UK prides itself on providing outstanding genuine Nenuco products, (it’s a popular brand so there are fake products around!) very keen and competitive pricing and of course the highest levels of customer service. They will deliver to anywhere in the UK and if you order before 12 noon Monday-Friday they will dispatch to you the same day. That’s some very speedy delivery!

Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

What did we receive?

  • Asevi Pink – Floor Cleaner Concentrated 1L
  • Nenuco Air Wick Dispenser + freshmatic refill
  • Nenuco Bath Soap w/pump top
  • Nenuco 600 ml Cologne
  • Nenuco Cologne 240 ml Spray Bottle
  • Flor Nenuco Fabric Conditioner
  • Pink Nenuco Backpack Gift Set
Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

The Pink Nenuco Backpack Gift Set is adorable. Contained in the backpack are 200ml Nenuco Shampoo, 200ml Nenuco Moisturiser, 200ml Nenuco Bath and 200ml Nenuco Cologne. It would make a lovely gift or ideal for travelling or just out and about. I will be taking it on holiday with us in September for the girls. Available in a blue bag as well.

Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

There are two products in this lovely bundle that deserves a special recommendation. They are the Nenuco Agua de Colonia and the Asevi floor cleaner which I will get onto later.

Well, the Nenuco Agua de Colonia (cologne) is a beautiful lemony, yet fresh smell.  It is tested and recommended by the Spanish Institute of Paediatricians, and the cologne is suitable for persons of all ages with sensitive skin. I just love splashing it on myself, especially in this hot weather we have at the moment. It’s also good for spritzing on clothes to keep them fresh.

The cologne is very popular with mums in Spain as a “splash” for their babies and I can see why. Apparently there are many other uses for the cologne as well. You could add it to your ironing water, use it in the spray bottle form for a quick refresh inside your shoes and trainers, or even add a few drops to revitalise cut flowers. But my favourite use is to deter nits because of the lemony smell.

Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

For my own hack, I’ve been spraying it around the kitchen and living room to deter flies. It’s extremely warm so with the windows and doors open the flies have been coming in. I can recommend that they do not like it!

Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

Nenuco Jabon Liquido (bath soap) is a lovely soap infused with the lemony Nenuco fragrance. I’ve been using it in the shower with myself and the toddler. It’s great on the skin and leaves it smelling lemon fresh! A great big bottle with a pump top makes it easy to dispense with wet hands. I’m sure it will last us a while.

Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

Now I’ve told you our thoughts on the baby products, it’s time to discuss the household items. Firstly Nenuco Flor Fabric Conditioner. It serves around 45-50 washes per bottle which is good for a family of four. It comes in a 1.1 litre bottles and is hypo-allergenic. The fabric conditioner is infused with the unique lemony scent of Nenuco and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

I’ve been popping it in with both the baby and toddler clothes and also the adults. It leaves the clothes soft and smelling super lemony.

Lastly, onto the floor cleaner – the Asevi pink is a concentrated floor cleaner suitable for adding to water in your mop bucket. The fragrance is wonderful, long-lasting and will leave your floors sparkling and fresh. As it’s concentrated the bottle will last for ages. It’s my second favourite product after the cologne. It leaves a clean smell throughout the whole kitchen. I now need to try it on the bathroom floors. I hope you like my mini Asevi floor cleaner review.

The Asevi pink fragrance is really beautiful and will remind you of a beautiful sunny Spanish villa! Trying out these Spanish cleaning products has given me a love for all things Spanish. If you are looking for cheap Spanish cleaning products, then the Asevi and Nenuco cleaning products are probably not what you are looking for. They do say you have to pay for quality! Personally, the smell and how much you get out of a bottle is worth it!

Asevi pink - spanish floor cleaner  - Spanish Cleaning Products

I have really loved all of these fantastic products sent to us. The only criticism I have is that there are no English words or instructions in English on the bottles. I know this is because they have come straight from Spain, but as a non-Spanish reader/speaker they were hard to decipher without popping over to the Lemon Fresh UK website.

Lemonfresh - baby, household and cleaning products which originate in Spain

I want to say thanks to Lemon Fresh UK for giving us the chance to test out these brilliant authentic Spanish cleaning products.

Where to buy Spanish Cleaning Products

Don’t forget if you wish to try out these products head over to Lemon Fresh UK or Amazon for your Spanish floor cleaning products.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this review.

You can find my other product reviews here.

*We were sent these Spanish Cleaning products in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Nenuco Baby, Household and Spanish Cleaning Products Review

  1. I am so glad I read this blog: when I visited my cousin in Spain, she made us all wear the Nenuco cologne as she said is was what all the locals used to keep mosquitos away. It’s works wonderfully and, unlike most insect repellants, it smells absolutely lovely- fresh and cool!
    We get a lot of mosquitos/midges in the Uk now therefore I was wishing I could obtain the Nenuco cologne here – and now you’ve told me they do! Thanks so much!

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