3 Money Saving Mantras for Families

Running a household with kids can be quite challenging for the budget. You have a suitable family house to pay for, a shedload of washing and food to provide. Not to mention all the schools and sports-related expenses you will have for your kids. Then there are the weekends that can get quite expensive, with days out and even meals out. Money saving is always at the forefront of your mind.

3 Money Saving Mantras for Families

And it’s not like things are getting a lot cheaper over the years, as a matter of fact, things seem to be getting more expensive. And we haven’t even talked about going on a family holiday. As a family, it keeps getting trickier to be more sensible with money. There are, however, some smart ways to save money, some of which many families across the country have already adopted. Here are some essential tips.

Buy in Bulk

If it’s sensible, try to buy in bulk. And don’t make the mistake of buying orange juice on offer and now you will have to drink orange juice at every meal for the next 5 years. Think of products you need year-round. Households switching to bulk-buying toilet roll are doing the smart thing, because when do you stop needing it? The same goes for laundry detergent, washing up liquid or dishwasher tablets, or even shampoo and shower gel. These are no brainers to get in bulk. If you have a freezer, it pays to buy meat in bulk if there’s a good offer. 

Just partition and freeze the meat straight away as soon as you get home. Buying in bulk is excellent when it comes to canned food as well as canned food will keep for quite some time. You’ll be surprised what comes in bulk and can save you money over time.


Another thing you can do, which concerns one of the larger monthly bills, is food shopping. One thing to throw out there straight away as a taboo is: shopping while being hungry. If you ever want to overspend (and end up with lots of groceries that are indulgent) just try shopping while being hungry. Always have a plan before you do groceries, better yet, try doing it online.

If you aim to reduce food wastage, you can plan your meals smartly. This not only saves time cooking; it can help make more economical food choices. For example, a potato meal could mean a pie dish the next day. A big roast one day could be a leftover sandwich day the next. 

Planning smartly will save time and money.


Also, be skeptical! Remember, in sales and retail, the name of the game is to convince you to buy, right there and right now. That might mean that an offer you see that almost screams at you, might not be such a good offer after all. The price might not even be that reduced, or you don’t need it at all. That’s why smart families will always look at some grand sale or offer, to be tricked into something.

A skeptical family will likely not be fooled, and be very money saving savvy.

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