Moving To A New House Can Be Stressful

Moving to a new house can be stressful it can be the most stressful thing in your life.

True fact.

I thought I knew what stress was, but I really didn’t until now.

Back in February we put our house on the market, we were going to buy a new build. A gorgeous 3 bed detached house and garage in a little plot all by itself with a large garden. Ever since I was little I always wanted a double fronted house, you know those ones that you draw in pictures when you were little.

Well this was my chance to get my own dream house.

new house

So anyway we had 3 estate agents come around and value our 4 bed 3 storey town house and when we were happy with the price it went on the market. We had on average a couple of views a week for 6 weeks but no one seemed to be biting.

Our new house was originally due to be ready in August but all of a sudden the build date was brought forward to the end of June. We were now the middle of April and I started to get panicky that we had no offer and we needed to choose our internal fixtures and fittings for the new house. We were only allowed to choose from the basic range and not upgrade as we still had no offer. There goes my luxurious soft carpets and mosaic bathroom tiles.

Nevermind I could live with this so long as we get an offer pretty quick!

We had to drop our price to get it moving and within a couple of days had an offer.


We were moving.

Now it was a rush to get the solicitors to push everything through in 6 weeks.

Our solicitors were amazing. Working as fast as they could, working over their normal working hours as well. Putting up with me. I’m bombarding them on the phone at least every other day for updates and then the last week before we moved it was once or twice a day.

Last Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm we finally got that call. We were completing the next day. Lucky we had been packing for weeks so it was just a matter of taking down the bed and packing the last Everyday bits.

I thought at last, the last stressful weeks were over!

I was nearly right!

On the day of moving all was going well. We got the phone call at 9:30am that our house sale had been completed and the money had gone through. Unfortunately it took another 6 stressful hours before the money had gone through to buy our new house. It was tipping down with rain, lucky the movers were allowed to unload our stuff due to our solicitors having an indemnity for us. But I was so worried we were going to be homeless for the weekend. Our solicitor phoned and said,
“don’t worry I won’t leave you homeless with a 17 month old out in the rain”

Moving To A New House Can Be Stressful

She was going to prepare a license for us to move in under just in case the money didn’t go through in time.

A few hours later at we got the phone call ???? yes!!!

We officially own our dream home!

What a stressful few months. I’m sure I’ve aged 10 years.

We can finally relax, unpack and de-stress.

Moving house is definitely more stressful than getting married or having a baby! But I would do it all over again to get the house I want!


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4 thoughts on “Moving To A New House Can Be Stressful

  1. Hey, found you on UK Bloggers! We moved from UK to Valencia about 5 years ago and that was the most stressful thing ever! I read somewhere a while back that moving house is a lot more stressful than divorce hahaha! So that says it all really! Good luck with everything and love your blog! 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah moving is the most stressful thing ever, so glad it’s over now! Moving to another country must be even worse! xx

  2. Great Post, spotted you in UK Bloggers 🙂 Looking forward to following your blog ! I moved house loads of times, the stress is unreal! Hopefully things will settle down really quickly for you!

    1. Hi Saffron, thanks for stopping by. Moving house is hard, but well worth it in the end. I’m not cut out for the stress to do it often xx

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