How To Organise Moving House With Young Kids

Moving house with young kids. It’s not easy, but if you are super organised you can move house stress free. I’m going to share with you my organisation tips on moving house with kids. Also how to help your child cope with moving anxiety. You don’t want to move into your lovely new house, and your toddler takes one look around, says she wants to go home and vomits spaghetti Bolognese all over the floor. Yes this happened to me. I spent the first evening in my brand new house on my hands and knees trying to get the orange stain out of my expensive new cream carpet. Oh and I’ve learnt my lesson. If you have toddlers do not have cream carpets!

Moving house with young kids

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Tips on moving house with kids

  • Talk to them about moving. Young children have short attention spans so bring the subject up regularly.
  • When you start packing explain to your child that their toys are being put into boxes to travel to the new home. You don’t want them to worry that their toys will be taken away from them.
  • I would recommend using a cheap domestic removals company to help with packing, loading and moving to your new home. It will save you lots of time and stress.
  • I found it a good idea to leave my toddler with my parents on moving day. Not only did it stop me from being distracted, it kept her occupied instead of feeling she was in the way as we were so busy.
  • Arrange their room first in the house. Make sure they have their own bed and toys around for familiarity.
  • Try to keep the same meal time in the evening, as well as bed time. Young children especially can find change hard, so the less change in routines the better.
  • Keep a separate box of snacks and drinks readily available to avoid hunting through the boxes.
  • Give them one of the empty packing boxes to decorate for their things.
  • Last of all make it fun for the kids! Make sure they know to pack special ted into their rucksack for safe keeping.

Moving House with Young Kids

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Organise – Moving House List

2 Months to go

  • Set up a moving folder – Add anything relating to the move into this. Makes its much easier down the line.
  • Make sure new schools and nurseries are ready to take the children.
  • Research removal companies, get provisional dates booked in. Also look at storage in case anything unforeseen happens.
  • Draw up a plan of the new house. Start deciding where you want your things to go.

6 Weeks to go

  • Organise the forwarding of your mail. This can be done online with Royal Mail.
  • Look into doctors and dentists and get on their systems.

4 Weeks to go

  • Contact Sky/Virgin/Broadband and let them know your moving date. Hopefully you can be reconnected without disruption. Especially important if you work from home.
  • I found this the right time to research energy suppliers and found savings available when we changed over. Don’t forget to make notes of who you change to, and who you owe the outstanding bill to on your old house.

2 Weeks to go

  • Get some moving cards to send out to friends and family with your new address on.
  • Make a list of who you need to contact to alert them of your change of address. Banks, driving license agency, insurances, doctors, dentist etc.
  • Make a list of what you need to leave for the new owners, warranties etc.
  • Find out where you are leaving the old keys and where you are getting the new keys from.
  • Eat out the freezer!

1 day to go

  • Arrange for the carpets in the new house to be hoovered all ready for when you move in.
  • If you have arranged for your removals to pack up for you, they will do this today. I strongly suggest labelling all the boxes for the new rooms.

Moving Day!

It’s here at last!

  • Take all your valuables and important documents with you in your car, if you are wary of losing them.
  • Keep a small box of necessities to hand – kettle, tea, sugar, milk and biscuits, takeaway menu, duster and polish.
  • As the movers have emptied each room, hoover the carpets and give the window sills a dust around, ready for the new owners.
  • Leave a bottle of wine, chocolates and a card for the new owners as a nice touch.

I hope you have found this post useful to make your house move organised and stress free.

It can be hard moving house with young kids, but destress yourself and your kids will be happier.

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3 thoughts on “How To Organise Moving House With Young Kids

  1. Great tips, Rachel! Moving house can be so stressful, especially when you’re moving into your first home or moving with young kids. I really like how you’ve set out the time scale of the move! That was a really useful touch to this blog post. It’s definitely important to space things out and do them step by step.

  2. Great advice, we moved last year with a 2, 5 and 10 year old, we were completely disorganised and its something i never wish to relive

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