Top Tips for Setting Up and Decorating a Home Office

I have never had a home office, when my husband worked at home a few years back, he had our spare bedroom set up as an office, but you know what men are like! He had a desk and a chair. Not very inspirational at all. So when we move into our new house next month, I plan to have my own home office space.

Top Tips- Setting up and decorating your home office.

Now as we bought our house off plan, we haven’t actually been into the new house yet as it’s still being finished off, although Thursday we get our first look!  Eeeeek I’m so excited! Anyway I haven’t put much thought into where I want my home office.

Do I need one of the spare bedrooms? or shall I turn the alcove under the stairs into a working space? or I could even set up at the back of the living room, as our house comes with a kitchen diner so that space won’t be needed for the dining table.

Ahhh so many ideas are bouncing around in my head at the moment!

To clarify a few things, I have come up with these top tips for setting up and decorating a practical home office space, using Office principles.

  • Decide on a location – If you are going to work at your home office space for long hours each day, it needs to be spacious, in a quiet part of the house and away from distractions. For me I will be mainly working at my desk in the evenings when I have a few spare hours. So space isn’t a big factor for me.
  • Invest in a comfortable chair – This is something I will need to get for my desk. I currently work on the end of my sofa!
  • Decorate your office – If you are planning your office to be a whole room, have you thought about the colour of the walls? There are many colours you can choose to compliment your working space, from calming pale blues, to invigorating oranges.
  • Desk with a view – Why not place your desk in front of the window, or hang a landscape picture on the wall in front of you. It will give you something to look at for that few minutes break.
  • Accessories – I’m a huge stationery fan, so love all types of notepads, sticky notes, pens, pencils the lot which I will be accessorizing my desk with. You can hang lots of inspirational quotes and photos on your walls to help with your motivation.
  • Organise – You can invest in shelves for your box files to avoid a cluttered desk, and a basket with all your to-do paperwork in. Filing cabinets are useful for storing lots of paperwork, that you don’t need on a regular basis.

Do you have any tips that you use for your home office space?

As always I love to hear your thoughts.

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