National Stationery Week 24-30th April 2017

Today marks the start of National Stationery Week 2017. Each day throughout the week is a different theme to get involved with in the world of stationery. I think it’s a fantastic idea to go back to basics and have fun with all the different types of stationery out there.

National Stationery Week is a huge supporter of the #writingmatters campaign which is about how important handwriting is all around the world. I have to say I love to pick up a pen or a pencil and just write. I can write much better and faster than I can type!

National Stationery Week 24-30th April 2017

Monday – Pen & Pencil day

To start the week off we have Pen and Pencil day.

There are many different types of pens and pencils around today to help with writing. Left handed pens are a newish thing to help lefties feel more comfortable. Isn’t that amazing?

Here are some fun facts about Pens & Pencils:

  • Pencil leads contain no lead – just graphite and clay
  • A Parker ballpoint pen can write a line 8 km long before it runs out of ink
  • The name “graphite” comes from Greek “graphein” which means “to write”
  • The oldest surviving pencil dates from 17th century
  • Ballpoint pens were very popular among pilots in World War II because they did not leak at high altitudes
  • Around 2,500 pencils can be made from one average tree

Write Size have come up with this handy guide of different size pencils to help lessen the strain on a child’s hand as writing flows much easier for them when they write. This is because the pencils are made to scale for tiny hands so they have better grip and control.

Introducing Write Size Pencils: Made to scale for children's hands

There are lots of activities to do with National Stationery Week over on their website plus look over on Twitter and Facebook for lots of fun with giveaways and activities.

Come back tomorrow for Get Crafty day!

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*We were sent a selection of stationery goodies to help celebrate National Stationery Week

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