How To Bring In Extra Cash When Out Of Work

We all know that looking for work can be like a 9 to 5 in itself. The process of finding a job can be incredibly time-consuming with all the research involved, the carefully tailored cover letters and the continual tweaking of our CV’s. It certainly is a demanding process and takes resilience, persistence and determination.

Along with the stress of applying for jobs is the anxiety that we currently don’t have an income. The negative strain this can put on us can often lead us to make hasty decisions when applying for jobs that perhaps aren’t right for us. Or may lead us to making silly mistakes in important applications due the financial stress we are under.

 how to bring in extra cash when you are looking for work

Therefore looking into ways you can bring in an income, working from home, whilst you look for work, can make the process much more relaxed and productive. Earning extra money from home can mean you don’t feel forced into making difficult, snap decisions and you can take your time to find the ideal next job.

Garage Sale

One person’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. Which is why holding a garage sale to sell all the clothes and household objects, that you know longer use, could be a great way to bring in some extra cash. Look around your home for any items that perhaps don’t suit the style of your home anymore. Our homes are constantly evolving, as we add items here and there and constantly update the interior style, so certain older objects may not look quite so in keeping with the current style of your home over time. That lamp, rug or picture frame may not be to your liking anymore but it could be exactly what one of your neighbours is looking for, so have a really good rummage and see what you can find.

Online Surveys

Companies need to research, in order to better understand their consumers and in turn grow their business by knowing what people want. With consumers becoming more and more savvy and demanding there has never been a bigger need for companies to be needing to get their head around their consumers needs and how to deliver it.

Therefore the world of online survey is booming and they need people like you. Signing up to a company like my survey can be an interesting way to bring in a little extra cash. You are in control of the amount of surveys you complete and therefore how much you get paid. Jump online for more details on how this all works.

Second Hand Apps

Similar to garage sales, selling your wares is also possible through the huge amount of second-hand apps now available to us. Whilst garage sales are generally better for home furniture and furnishings, second-hand apps can work really well for any clothes and fashion items that you no longer wear. Have a thorough look through your wardrobe for any nice looking pieces, take some attractive photographs, set up your profile on an app like and wait for the enquiries to start rolling in.

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  1. Yes it is stressful looking for work and trying to get some extra money, there are so many sites now you can sell on so that helps, thank you for your tips

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