Get Rid of Excess Clutter Before You Move: 5 Tips for Organizing a Garage Sale

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House moves are on the list of most stressful life events, along with work, family, and relationship problems. Most of us will have experienced a house move at some stage, even if it was a temporary one for college. These people will already know that moving is stressful.

Property ownership is a big point for people so even if you’ve managed to stay at home so far, that’s usually not the long-term gameplan. Around 1 in 3 Americans plans to buy a home in the next 5 years, so being able to make the transition smooth and painless is important.

One of the ways you can do that is to get rid of any extra stuff you no longer need. A garage sale, or yard sale, is the perfect way to do this quickly and easily. I had a friend organize one recently. He decided to get rid of everything that wasn’t needed and go to to get the rest moved. Between these two steps, he dealt with all of his belongings being moved or sold, freeing his time for other parts of the move. From that experience, I’ve got some tips to give you for your own sale.

Get Rid of Excess Clutter Before You Move: 5 Tips for Organizing a Garage Sale

1. Sort the Items

Having a well-organized sale means your items should be easy to find and view. Nothing should be cramped together or hard to find. Try to have a logical order so all kitchen items are in one area whilst garden products would be in another.

Make sure you’ve properly sorted through your inventory as well. If something is especially valuable then take it out and sell it elsewhere. Yard/garage sales are for lower cost items. Your audience will mainly be bargain hunters looking to get a sweet deal. You can still make decent money though because you’re running the sale so there are no real costs and there are no fees to pay, unlike with eBay etc.

2. Use Clear & Fair Pricing

Plenty of people will just ignore products if they’re unsure of the price. People like to have all the important information given to them up front so have a clear price displayed on everything, whether you use a tag, sticker or something else.

3. Advertise

Advertising your sale is one of the most important steps. To make sales you need buyers, and you get buyers by advertising. Use local ads, classifieds, and even make your own flyers or posters. It can be worth taking out some cheap paid ads as well, especially if you have a lot to sell.

4. Set Up in Advance

Don’t underestimate how much work a garage sale can be! It takes a while to get everything set up and looking right. Things can go wrong too so be prepared and set up well in advance. It’s best to have everything ready the night before if doing an indoor sale, or early morning for an outdoor. This lets you focus on the sale itself right from the start.

5. Be Friendly

The final point is just to be friendly. Greet people who come to your sale and answer any questions in a friendly and conversational way. Haggling is expected but it’s your choice how far you move on the price. If a bid is too low simply refuse it politely.

You also don’t want to hassle potential buyers though, so give them time and space to browse after greeting them. If they want to know something, they will ask you – the same is true of conversations, if they want one they will initiate.

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  1. Great tips, we moved house twice in 11 months last year, my fiance also suffered a massive heart attack inbetween which has resulted in heart failiure, which has resulted in him not being well enough to work, with the stress of sick pay then benefits, so we have had such a stressful time xxx

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