Tips On Moving Long Distance With Young Children

No doubt – moving long distance is stressful, especially if you have young children. Alongside with the things that need to be accomplished, your kids’ well-being and safety should always be your priority throughout the moving process. Luckily, there are steps you can do to make the transition much easier on your children.

Tips On Moving Long Distance With Young Children

Keep these moving tips with young children for a fast, smooth, and safe long distance move.

1. Prepare kids for a long distance moving

Moving with kids doesn’t come easy. When you discuss the move to them, expect for some tears and a feeling of anxiety as they start missing their best friends, bedroom, and memories. As you prepare them for the relocation, make sure you acknowledge their concerns and fears and encourage them to be open about their feelings. Plan ahead and make a plan, so your kids have a general idea of what to expect on a moving day.

2. Entertain your kids while traveling across the country

If you’re hitting the road with your kids for long distance moving, you should be equipped with a variety of entertainment to keep them comfortable and focused. Below are the things you can do to keep them entertained during a move:

  • Pack a unique tote bag for the moving day – Seeing their things packed are difficult for young kids to understand and the feeling of sadness intensifies on the day of your relocation. To keep them entertained and reduce anxiety, packing your children’s comfort objects and favorite toys in a tote bag can be a good idea. Make sure these prized possessions are on their side to help them relax throughout the travel.
  • Keep lots of snacks – Aside from toys, packing lots of snacks are also important when moving with kids. For example, if you hire movers to handle the logistics of your moving NYC, you’ll definitely have enough time to prepare a cooler of snacks that your kids can enjoy during a long road trip. By bringing something to eat, you can bring comfort as well as ease the fear they’re feeling about the move.
  • Keep your children busy – If you’re relocating with children, you can organize extracurricular activities such as trivia games, art books, family sing-a-longs, and many more. If you have an internet connection on your mobile devices, searching for cool places in your new city can bring so much excitement to your kids. Also, you can try to make a stop at some attractions along the road to make your trip extra fun and memorable for them. 

3. Hire a moving company

As a parent, you need to watch over your young children before, during, and after the move. To do that, seeking help from professionals like Movers NYC can be a great option. If you hire a kid-friendly moving company, you don’t need to worry about your checklist because they’ll take care of everything. While they perform the logistics, you can pay attention to your children’s needs. For instance, you can help them say their goodbyes to their friends and neighbors by hosting a “goodbye” party. Remember, with your movers’ expertise in moving, you can ensure a successful long distance move with your kids.

Tips On Moving Long Distance With Young Children

4. Explore your new city

Getting to know your new place can help your children familiarize their surroundings quickly. If you move with older children, give them the opportunity to explore new locations such as restaurants, specific attractions, parks, and playgrounds. Also, don’t forget to introduce them to other children in the neighborhood so new friendships will start to flourish.

5. Allow your kids to plan a new room

Once your children get to know your new city, it’s time to help them plan their new rooms. Let them choose their bedroom colors, accessories, and wall decorations so you can keep them busy and entertained.


Moving with children doesn’t have to be a hassle. With adequate preparation and planning, everything in your moving checklist will be done efficiently. As long as you follow the tips above, you can turn your long distance move into a seamless one for you and the young ones.

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