Car Tips To Save You Money

Owning and driving a car is costly. We have two cars in our house and it’s not cheap to keep them both on the road. But here is Cornwall you need to drive to get around. Public transport is not the most frequent or reliable. With never-ending rising insurance and fuel costs as well as car maintenance, I’m always looking into ways to cut our car monthly costs and to save money. Here are a few car tips to save you money in the long run.


Car Insurance

Did you know you can reduce your car insurance premiums by adding an experienced driver to your policy? If an older experienced family member with a clean driving license and quite a few years no claims is added to your policy as a second driver, insurance companies will reduce the price for you. You will need their permission of course, and you must remain as the main driver on the policy.

Don’t leave renewing your car insurance to the last minute. Be organised, research car insurance 3 weeks in advance. Your quote will be lower, as most insurance companies rely on last-minute customers panicking and will, therefore, increase their prices.

Car Maintenance

Be prepared, do the regular checks on your car to avoid nasty repair bills. If you do have to source parts for your AUDI spares you find at EUSPARES.CO.UK. Discovering problems early can save your car and money in your wallet.


At most petrol stations you will find performance fuel at the pumps. To be honest, unless you have a high-performance car it’s a waste of money using this fuel in your runabout. There have been studies conducted and they discovered that there is little to no difference between your normal fuel and the super fuel when it’s used in a non-performance car. 

One thing I didn’t know is that when you fill up your car and the nozzle clicks. Don’t add in any more fuel. You are wasting your money, as the safety feature in the pump is to stop fuel vapours escaping so the pump will draw back the fuel into its overfill tank. 

If you do a lot of miles you may want to keep an eye on the fuel price comparison sites in your area to get the most fuel for your money.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve found this post on car tips useful.

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