Top Tips to maintain your car in 2019

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Its the start of a another new year, and if you are not planning on buying a brand new car this year, you may need to start thinking about budgeting for your car’s service and MOT. This is a minimum. You may need new tyres and wipers, particularly if their has been lots of frosty mornings lately. All you have to do is put your wipers on too soon while defrosting your windscreen and you will be needing new wiper blades!

frosty winscreen - TOP TIPS TO MAINTAIN YOUR CAR IN 2019

Car maintenance is really important for a number of reasons. Firstly it improves car safety. Obviously it doesn’t prevent accidents. But having a well maintained car helps with our safety and other road users. Secondly it helps to improve reliability and performance, minimising breakdowns at the roadside. Thirdly it helps to keep our air and environment cleaner, by emitting less harmful fumes into the atmosphere. Lastly a well maintained car will hold a higher resale value.

We are still in the midst of Winter, and with the darker mornings and evenings still around, the road surface temperatures are cold. The gritters will have been out salting the roads, which can cause the start of rust corrosion on the underneath of your car. So one of my first top tips to maintain your car in 2019 is to keep your car clean and wash off the salt and road dirt. Of course only do this when the weather is warmer. It is known that a cleaner car has better fuel economy!

One of the main car maintenance tips is to get your car serviced regularly. Mine is due soon and it’s one thing I never but back. I don’t want costly car repair bills hanging over me. I learnt my lesson the hard way! I loved my first car, but kept forgetting to get it serviced. One night I was driving down the hill in town and the engine died. The cam belt went on it and it destroyed the engine. If I had regular car servicing and checks this could have been preventable. So if you are local you can book car servicing in Stirling or near by areas from Fife Autocentre.


While you are waiting for your car to be serviced, there are some great family friendly things to do in and around Stirling. You could visit Stirling Castle and take a look around the medieval kitchens. Or head over to Kings Park and let the kids burn off some energy on the swings, slides and climbing frames. Blairdrummond Safari Park is just 10 min from Stirling and it’s a great day out for all family, as recommended by Cosmo Mum. If you after something a little different to do, Liberty on the Lighter Side suggests heading over to the Alpaca Trekking Centre near Thornhill, Stirling! Very friendly and engaging with kids.

Don’t forget if your car is ever in an accident, all is not lost. You can get some of your money back from the likes of Junk Car Masters and put the funds toward a new car. Some older cars are not worth the money to be put through a full service. I know I spent a fair few hundreds of pounds over 4 years having things like a new headlight, exhaust, suspension springs put on my old car and then the injectors went and it wasn’t worth spending any more money on it.

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