The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Long Car Journey

A couple of times a year we always make a long car journey from Cornwall to Derbyshire/Yorkshire to see family. Sometimes we have made this journey in Winter, and I can tell you the Winter roads up there are nothing like the ones down here in Cornwall. A couple of years ago in Winter, we were driving through the Peak District and it began to snow. I have to say I was a little scared and I wasn’t the one driving!

We are making the trip up to Derbyshire in October and I want to share with you some tips on surviving a long car and also how to stay safe.

Ultimate Guide-Surviving a long car journey

Car Maintenance

About a week before we go away we normally get the car in for a quick service at a garage, so it can be checked over for things we might have missed. But let’s say you have a Ram truck and you might want to save a couple of pounds then my suggestion is to buy your ram truck accessories online and let your mechanic assemble it. If you follow this step it gives us a peace of mind when we are hundreds of miles away from home. Then the day before we go away my husband will check the tyres, lights, and screenwash levels that sort of thing to make sure we are fit for travel.

Plan Ahead

We always plan when we are going to leave, we always aim to be on the road for 6 am. It means waking up early but we try to get as far as we can up the A30 before we hit commuter traffic. Plus we always stop around 830-900 am-ish for breakfast. This is always the longest stint in the car as we are fresh and excited to be going away.

We then take our next stop around 11 am for a toilet/freshen up and tea break. We don’t stop again (unless emergency toilet breaks needed!) until we arrive in Derbyshire between 100-200 pm-ish depending on traffic.

It’s important to take regular breaks when driving long distances.


Always take some snacks for the car, I even pack sandwiches in a cool bag. Motorway services are extremely expensive so my money-saving tip is to take a trip to a supermarket the day before you travel and stock up on necessities. I take bottles of water, chocolate, sweets, and homemade sandwiches. Maybe a can of Pringles as well!


Neck pillows, blankets, and cushions are a must for travelling in comfort. If you are anything like my husband he likes the car to be cool when he’s driving so I always need a blanket for my legs. Wear loose comfy clothing and nothing restrictive.

Entertainment Ideas

If you are travelling as a family, you will need to take games, books/magazines and colouring books for the kids to keep them occupied. If you are travelling as a couple which we often did before baby girl came along you can decide on some music or just conversations. Trust me I can think of enough things to say for a 6-hour drive, my husband will tell you that! We also love to spot silly and weird place names. It was always hilarious when we were driving around Canada at the place names we saw!

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These are my ultimate tips on surviving a long car journey, I would love to hear yours.

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