Travelling up the motorway with a baby

This is our first mini-break with baby girl. Travelling up the motorway with a baby is a completely new experience for us. We have travelled this same route for many years but this is the first time with a baby.

Travelling up the motorway with a baby - night time image of a motorway

I have never had the need to check out baby facilities at motorway services before, but now that’s my main concern.

Will they be clean?

Will they have a chair so I can breastfeed?

Will they actually have a baby room or just a pull down changing table in the disabled loo?

So as you can tell for a few days before we left I was feeling pretty anxious.

Questions have been buzzing around my head.

Panic setting in over where am going to feed her?

I exclusively breastfeed baby girl – she just won’t take a bottle.

Setting off

We set off really early last Thursday to drive up to Scarborough from Cornwall which is about 420 miles. We planned in stops for changing, feeding and rest breaks. The car all packed up with everything but the kitchen sink! I packed 15 clean bibs because of teething issues at the moment and I didn’t want to run out.

I know I shouldn’t be but I feel embarrassed to breastfeed in public and just cannot do it. I’m typically a shy person and hate any attention. So I pop into the services to change baby girl and then feed her in the comfort of our car. That way I feel relaxed and I’m not bothering anyone else or bringing unnecessary attention to us.

I ride in the back to keep checking on her and make sure she doesn’t get to hot or cold. Also to keep her amused when she’s awake.

We first stopped at Taunton services. They had a baby changing room, but the door had a broken lock and propped open by the bin! It was clean and tidy though. Good thing I had already planned to feed baby girl in the car.

The second stop was at Tamworth. Their little baby/family changing room was cute. It was bright, colourful and had a separate little kids loo in the same room. This made me smile. I have never seen such a small little toilet before! I did love the fact that it had a colourful height chart on the wall. The room had no chair though so I couldn’t feed baby girl in there if I wanted to.

Baby girl did so well on the journey up to Scarborough. She slept most of the way. Which was really good, so we had the whole afternoon with her being awake while we walked around Scarborough. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

We popped into a restaurant for lunch and she was so good. It was only her second time in one and she sat in a high chair and had a couple of spoonfuls of fruit puree. Really enjoying herself.

Overall the whole experience was very tiring but we coped really well. I won’t be afraid to travel up the motorway with a baby again.

Do you have any travelling experiences with a baby?

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11 thoughts on “Travelling up the motorway with a baby

  1. Glad your trip went well – I guess the first time you do something you never quite know do you? How she’ll be or how the facilities will be either – but it sounds as if it went smoothly. Hope your stay was enjoyable too. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  2. I travelled four hours when Little R was six weeks old. (What is wrong with me?!) At the time I thought it was a good idea, and I did it alone in the blistering heat with the bloody dog. The good thing is though, we have always found that the services that we stop at are so baby friendly it is incredible. They even have baby spoons and disposable bibs for when I forget (always.) I’m glad you had a good experience! #pocolo

  3. I think the longest we have done with 3 1/2 hours and it wasn’t too bad. I think if you make stops it really helps. I was the same as you with my first baby and didn’t breastfeed in public, but when my second baby came along I just had to get on with it, as life isn’t quite so easy with a toddle in tow x #picknmix

  4. I’m the same I just can’t publicly breastfeed although anyone who can kudos to them. We travel all the time with our son and have done since he was a newborn. Our family is very scattered and we’ve even took the boat to Ireland. It’s difficult at the beginning but now he loves our adventures! It gets much easier when they change into front facing car seats! #picknmix

  5. Ah glad the trip went well – I do feel like you about the breastfeeding in public. When I was breast feeding Pudding I used to sit in the car, It just made me more comfortable. Some of the services have such great facilities and others are terrible. Still if its a journey you do often you soon find the ones with the best places! #triballove

  6. Oh it’s so lovely when you can be a little bit more adventurous with your baby – suddenly there is a world out there to explore with them – I look forward to hearing more adventures soon!

  7. Aw this is lovely Rachel! We travelled from Brighton to Sheffield when Emma was 5 weeks old and it was a challenge to say the least. I was breastfeeding then and often did it in the back of the car as I felt embarrassed to do it at the services…never quite got the hang of the apron cover thing! It’s amazing how many baby changing rooms don’t have a chair for mummy to feed baby…despite all this is sounds like a great trip away! xx #triballove

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