3 Bathroom Trends For 2019

If you’re looking to refurbish your bathroom this post is for you! With the help of Bathrooms Newcastle experts, I bring to you 3 drool-worthy, compulsive swoon enduring bathroom trends that will blow your mind and inspire you to refurbish your old bathroom. 

bathroom trends

Bring the outdoors indoors

Creating an urban jungle in your home is the nr trend on Pinterest at the moment. But what’s interesting it’s becoming increasingly more popular particularly for decorating your bathroom.

Organic materials such as wood and stone are making a splash this year. It is all about blurring the lines of indoors and outdoors, creating an ultimate oasis. Rightfully so, taking a relaxing bath is how many people de-stress and doing so in an entirely zen place is a bonus!

If you’re looking to jump on this trend, opt for plants that enjoy warm and humid environments as those plants will thrive the best in a bathroom.

3 Bathroom Trends For 2019

Focus on mindfulness and simplicity

An overall positive trend sweeping the world is practising mindfulness, in aid of reducing stress and improving mental health. This trend is making an appearance in the interior designs world as well.

Mindfulness encourages clearing your head and addressing thoughts as they arise rather than letting them overwhelm you. Similarly, mindful bathroom designs intend to address just that – it’s about functionality, simplicity and less clutter. It does not mean design or aesthetic should be compromised but instead encourages to include elements that will serve a purpose and add value.

Remember a painting might not serve a practical purpose or value, but if having a picture in your bathroom makes you happy, then it means it serves great value to you. Not compromising but optimising is the main idea of this bathroom trend.

Some visual aspects of this trend are – matt finishes, soft materials that absorb sound and earthy, calming tones.

bathroom ideas for 2019

Dark tones

If you have done any amount of bathroom design browsing, you will have probably already noticed this trend. It has become increasingly more popular to include dark colours in the bathroom as a backdrop for designer bathroom suites.

While black is the on the nose choice, other colours such as purples and navies are also popular. Compliment dark walls with glossed or metallic finishes, LED lights and mirrors, and you’re going to nail the dark tones trend! Navy walls will work exceptionally well with brass finish taps and shower accessories. Bonus trend: brass is really in at the moment for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Whichever trend you choose for your bathroom, make sure it still says “you”, incorporate your own personality with quirky little accents so your new bathroom can be a space where you can relax and unwind.

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