How to Create and Model the Perfect Bathroom for Your Home

Designing the optimal bathroom for your home means paying attention to the details. It means putting together an elegant mix of colours, choosing the right materials to match your property, and opting for fixtures that bring out the best in your bathroom design. Even with the help of a professional, as the homeowner and the ultimate user of the finished bathroom, it will be on you to make the difficult decisions and have the final say on bathroom designs.

How to Create and Model the Perfect Bathroom for Your Home

Step 1: Have a Clear Goal in Mind

Going into the project with a clear goal in mind will help you navigate decisions and setbacks that may arise. Think about what your dream bathroom would look like if money, time, and space were no object. This will help you pin down exactly what function you want the bathroom to serve, whether you want it as a place to apply your makeup, a functional bathroom for the whole family to use, or a bastion of tranquility where you can relax and take a break from the chaos around you in front of a mounted bathroom TV.

You should also have a clear goal regarding why you are remodelling. Are you remodelling to add value to the property? To update the décor? Or to increase the functionality? Maybe you want a walk in bathtub? Depending on your end goal, the way you choose to model your bathroom will be different.

Step 2: Come up With a Budget

Next, you need to find out how much your dream bathroom will cost and work on a budget. Presumably, there will be financial constraints and you will need to find a way to compromise on your dream bathroom to meet your budgetary requirements.

The easiest way to save money is by considering for your plumbing. If you keep the plumbing the same and keep sinks, baths, showers and toilets in the same location, you will keep costs to a minimum.

Step 3: Map Space

Blending budget with efficiency will help you produce a functional floorplan that effectively uses the space on offer. When mapping the space, consider the objects used most frequently, and have them closest to hand. Even the tiniest spaces can have personalized luxurious touches. For example, if you need his and hers’ sinks, include these in the floor plan and see where you can save space in other areas.

If you are struggling to fit everything in and really need that large tub to soak in, think about what is on the other side of the walls. Can you borrow some space from an adjacent closet you don’t need?

How to Create and Model the Perfect Bathroom for Your Home

Step 4: Think About Lighting

One of the most common mistakes when modelling bathrooms are lighting. Many bathrooms have small windows if they have any windows at all, therefore, light sources become important in any remodel. Have wall mounts at eye level, either side of a vanity mirror, and a third light above the mirror to illuminate your face from all sides and ensure your bathroom is well lit. For single sink vanities visit:

Step 5: Choose Colours and a Motif

Now you need to decide on your colour palette and motif. If you want a coastal theme, light blues, dark blues, and whites will compliment your décor. If you are going for an Asian motif, yellows, reds, blacks and golds will be necessary. Think about your goals and the rest of your house when selecting your colours and motifs.

Step 6: Select Materials

When choosing your materials, you will most likely be limited by budget, but consider each materials’ properties as well. Shiny surfaces may look elegant, but will become very slippery when wet, and may not be suitable for bathrooms children will use. Natural materials are much less slippery and can look just as sleek.

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