Why You Need Fast Internet To Work From Home

There are millions of people in the UK who now work from home, I’m included in that statistic. We need to have a fast internet to work from home to be the same as if not better than our office-based colleagues. With a digital world all around us working remotely is the “new thing” we fit our work around family life and this enriches our lives remarkably. It’s also a more green and sustainable way of life. Think, there are no more commutes, reducing traffic congestion, and traffic accidents. Relieves the pressure on transportation and therefore reduces greenhouse gases and helps with morale.

Why You Need Fast Internet To Work From Home

Do you need a fast internet speed to work from home?

A fast broadband speed is a necessity alongside reliability, to get the work done asap, it’s as simple as that. If you are unlucky and have really slow internet, your productivity is diminished while waiting for downloads and uploading work. I’m lucky I have fibre optics straight into my house, but as it’s a new build it was automatically put in, it does, however, limit the providers we can have. But the recommended speed if you frequently download and upload large files, then you will need around 60 Mbps and fibre broadband.

How do decide which broadband is the best for you when working from home

There are many things to consider when choosing the correct broadband for your needs. Packages and prices can be a big factor.

You need to look at what you use the internet for. Is it for mainly answering emails? Or do you do a lot of video conferences, file downloading and uploading? It’s advised that people who work from home avoid any capped monthly usage limit. You may be surprised at how much you use for work and also for personal use and other users in the home not forgetting. An unlimited deal package may be the best for you.

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I think it’s always best to look around and do your research. Go on price comparison sites and get the best home broadband deals for you and your business. A tip – keep an eye on the contract length as well, some providers do 12 and others do 18-month contracts.

Here is a roundup of what to look for when choosing your internet service provider:

  • High-speed internet offered
  • Compare prices based on download and upload speed – yes they can differ!
  • Contract terms – you may be subject to a fee if you need to cancel early.
  • Add-ons – check to see if you can get any perks to add to your package.

I hope this has given you some help on how to get the best deal for fast internet to work from home, at a reasonable price.

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  1. You’re lucky to have fibre-optic going directly into your home. My house, similar to many older properties, only has fibre-optic up to the nearest junction box, several hundred metres away. The line from the box to our house is stil the old copper cabling, and although on a fine day it works well, when it’s raining we get line drops and poor connectivity. Yet our provider still advertises “super-fast fibre optic broadband” without confessing that the “last mile” is still copper wire.

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