Are you spending more than you need to on heating your home?

Are you spending more than you need to on heating your home?

Heating a family home can cost a small fortune and, like lots of people up and down the country, you might dread getting your energy bills. Particularly in winter when the colder weather strikes, you may find yourself paying a premium to keep your home warm and cosy. However, while there’s inevitably a cost to warming your property, it’s possible that you’re currently paying over the odds. If you think you might be wasting money, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions.

Are you spending more thaan you need to on heating your home?

When’s the last time you considered switching?

Especially if you’ve got a million and one other issues to deal with, the thought of switching your energy supplier might be enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. This process may be easier and quicker than you think though, and it could save you some serious money. If you’ve not shopped around for a competitive energy tariff for some time, it’s well worth scouring the market for a better deal.

Meanwhile, if you live in a property that’s not on the mains grid for gas and you currently rely on solid fuel, oil or electricity for heating, you might benefit from swapping to a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system. As it states on the specialist energy website, LPG fired heating systems can be efficient and economical to run. As an added benefit, they’re the lowest carbon fossil fuel available in rural areas.

Are your habits driving your energy bills higher?

Your habits around the home might be also adding to your heating bills. When it starts to get a little cold, do you find yourself automatically reaching for your heating controls rather than putting on an extra layer of clothing? If you do, it’s time to change your mindset. Also, you might want to turn down the temperature in rooms you don’t often use and it’s worth keeping your heating on at a lower temperature consistently during the winter rather than turning it on and off for blasts of heat.

Make sure you keep your doors and windows closed during the chilly season as well to trap as much warmth as possible in your rooms.

How heat efficient is your home?

If your home never seems to get warm, or heat escapes from it very quickly even when you keep your windows and doors closed, the chances are you need to improve your insulation. If your budget will stretch to it, and if you don’t already have it, you might want to add wall or loft insulation. Cheaper measures include blocking draughts around doors, windows and loft hatches, and using lined curtains or thick blinds to retain more warmth.

Heating your home will always require you to spend some money, but right now you might be shelling out significantly more than you need to. If you’re savvy and pay attention to tips like these, you could make major savings.

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