17 Fantastic Ways To Love Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is stressful, and test the limits of your endurance. You will experience new emotional highs and lows. It can be easy to focus on the least pleasant parts of the pregnancy aches and pains, but it can a time filled with health, motivation, fun, and excitement. Many pregnancy guides focus on a healthier, safer pregnancy, but how can you have a pregnancy that is more enjoyable, as well as healthy and safe? I’ve put together 17 ways to love being pregnant for you to discover.

17 Fantastic Ways To Love Being Pregnant

Remember that pregnancy will be tiring, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t prioritise looking after yourself. A healthy, happy mum means a healthy, happy baby. Whether you want to spend a week looking at cute pregnancy announcement ideas or lay in bed for a whole day, do what makes you happy and work on enjoying your pregnancy.

How To Love Being Pregnant

  • Take advantage of your pregnant status. Being pregnant does have it’s perks. You’ll probably never have so many people ready to help you with anything and everything. Accept the seat on the bus offered to you. Say yes to the person who offers to carry your shopping. Instead of feeling guilty for accepting all this help, resolve to pass on the favors to other pregnant women when your baby is born.
  • Go easy on the instinct to nest. Setting up your nursery and going shopping for everything that your baby will need can be a lot of fun and very exciting, but don’t let all the preparations overwhelm you. As long as your baby has shelter, basic clothing, diapers, food, and you, they’ll be just fine. Anything else is a bonus. If nesting is making you stressed, take a step back from doing it.
Nesting during pregnancy and preparing for the baby
  • Look your best. If you loved getting dressed up before, there’s no reason you can’t keep doing it while you’re pregnant. Invest in a few maternity outfits and lingerie that make you feel pretty. Wear colors you love, and choose flattering styles. Get (safe) beauty treatments done. If you look good, you’ll feel good.
  • Enjoy your belly. Many women feel very strange about their pregnant belly, but that’s actually some great entertainment to be had while you have it. When your baby is awake and active, rest something like a half-filled glass of water, or a jelly bean on your belly. Lean back and watch the item moving around with your baby. This is both funny and helps you to feel close to the little person you’re growing.

  • Evaluate your life. When you’re pregnant, you might find that your life priorities shift. Climbing the corporate ladder, for example, might not seem as important as it once did. You might not like the idea of other parts of your lifestyle now that you’re going to add a child to it. If you’re having these doubts or feelings of discontent, take the time to examine them, and prepare yourself for a change in what is important to you.

  • Feel like a queen. Forget your to-do list. You’re busy growing a person. You can do the things you wouldn’t usually let yourself do because there are more important things to take care of. Take a nap in the middle of the day without guilt. Book a trip to the day spa. Take three showers in a day. Lie in the bath for an hour. Sleep in late. Ask your partner to take over cooking and chores when you get more pregnant. There’s no guilt in pampering yourself with whatever you want while you’re pregnant.

  • Renew your spirituality. If you’re naturally a spiritual person, but don’t usually have time to explore that, pregnancy can be a good excuse. While you’re pregnant, you’ll feel more in touch with creation, your body, and your ability to contemplate things. Take the time to explore spirituality, whatever that looks like for you.
explore spirituality in pregnancy
  • Get a massage. If done correctly, a prenatal massage can help you to relax in a safe way. These massages will ease muscle tension, swelling, and back pain, and can improve your circulation. Massage can also help you to develop great sensory awareness, which will help you a lot during labor and delivery. Women who are touched in a nurturing way may also find it easier to transfer that nurturing to their baby.

  • Live more healthfully. What better motivation could there be for living in a more healthy way than growing a baby? As a parent, you’ll find there are things you are willing to do for your baby that you wouldn’t do for yourself. You have a few months now to develop healthier eating habits, start a gentle exercise program (ask your doctor for help so you know it’s safe), and learn tools to manage stress. This is good for you and makes your body a better home for your baby. You’ll also be more equipped for teaching your child healthy habits as they grow.

  • Reconnect with your own parents. This is the time when you’ll have the most in common with your own parents. Use this as an excuse to improve communication between you and them. Sharing the mothering experience can bring you closer to your own mother. She’s bound to have memories of being pregnant with you, and you will have a better understanding of what she experienced. Ask her to tell you about her experiences of being pregnant, or raising a baby, and share yours with her.
Reconnect with your own parents when pregnant
  • Enjoy your heightened senses. When you’re pregnant, your senses might feel heightened. Colors can seem brighter, and you might feel very connected with other people. As you’re carrying a new life, you might feel that you are more clearly aware of the life around you. Your new pregnancy senses are what makes you gag when you walk past the fish counter at the supermarket, but will also mean that smells you like will seem even more amazing.

  • Experiment with your sex life. Pregnancy can be a very sexy time, which many women don’t expect. Your hormones are changing, your senses are heightened, you aren’t worried about the potential of getting pregnant, so your desire for sex can be heightened. Conventional sex might be uncomfortable, so now can be the ideal time to get creative and try something new. Try a new position, new lingerie, different lighting, and other things. Keep cuddles and communication going too, and your relationship may deepen while you’re pregnant.

  • Experiment with your hair. As your hormones change, your hair might become stronger and thicker. Many women find that pregnancy is the perfect time to grow out your hair, especially as you will want an easy to care for style after the baby is born. Stay away from things like hair colors and perms though. Your hair might react differently, or the chemicals could be harmful for the baby. Skip the temptation to try a drastic cut when your emotions are running high too.

  • Get information. Arming yourself with lots of knowledge can help you decrease your levels of anxiety about birth and having a newborn. However, it’s important not to overstudy, or you can achieve the opposite and make yourself more nervous. Go to childbirth and child-care classes. Ask your doctor, midwife, or friends who are others to recommend good pregnancy books, blogs, and websites. Find parenting message boards or chat rooms to join. Remember though, always double-check any medical information with your doctor or another reliable source.

  • Lean on your partner. During pregnancy, the focus is (rightly) on the woman, but this can make the father of the baby feel overlooked and forgotten. Sometimes, your partner might not be sure how to involve himself in a way that is helpful to you. Take him to your OB appointments, go to childcare classes together, and ask your healthcare provider to show him how he can judge the size of the baby. Let him know what he can do to help you, and enjoy some quality time together while it’s just the two of you. After all, it won’t be just the two of you together again for quite a while.
Lean on your partner. During pregnancy
  • Make new friends. You can meet other pregnant women at your classes, or you can check at your hospital, community center, or church to find groups for pregnant women. You can share experiences, ask each other for advice, and keep these women as friends after your babies are born. Those babies might even be your baby’s first friends too.

  • Share the joy. Ask other women what they like most about being pregnant. Stay away from the pregnancy and birth horror stories that people insist on telling pregnant women. Instead, ask your doctor or midwife to tell you stories of beautiful births.

Being pregnant can be a very overwhelming, but a very beautiful experience. Take the time to enjoy it as much as you can. Bond with your baby before it is born, and enjoy this special time with your partner. Make the most of the time to relax and be selfish before you have to put the needs of your new baby above your own. Enjoy all the ways to love being pregnant.

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