Birth Story Number 2 – A Planned C-Section

This time around my birth experience was going to be better. Planned. Calmer. Better for all of us. You can catch up here with my first birth story with baby girl.

Planning the birth started nearly 5 months previously. I saw a consultant who went through all the risks of a VBAC with me and we both came up with a plan much safer for baby and myself. This was to have a planned c section. My blood loss the first time around was much too high of a risk to try a VBAC and then if it happened to turn into another emergency c section was not worth it.

There and then back at the start of December I got my date through for the planned c section. I knew the date of my baby’s birthday! April seemed so far away at that point.

birth story - a planned c-section

As you know I finished work at the start of March and have used the time before baby dottie arrived to get organised and have lots of fun with baby girl.

April soon arrived and the week before the c section i went in for my pre op appointment. Had all the necessary vitals done and the midwife who I saw last upset me a little. She said I haven’t read your notes but I hope the baby comes before next week and you have a lovely vaginal delivery. I was a bit shocked but thought you don’t know my history and circumstances and I’m not going to bother to explain to you how that would be a complete nightmare if I started beforehand. Oh and she said I won’t have a feel of your tummy today as you got those dungarees on, but you don’t have any concerns over movement do you? At that point I wanted to go home.

The anaesthetist I saw before that midwife was a great guy. He put us at ease and went through every step of the process. Making sure I was very clear about eating nothing after 6pm the night before. Taking a strong antacid the evening before and at 7am and drinking two bottles of pre op carbohydrate drink. That tasted well so disgusting it kept making me urge. My husband found it quite funny!

It was hard to sleep the night before. I was anxious yet extremely excited to meet my baby.

We were up early to get to the hospital for 8 am. My mother in law came over to look after baby girl. I said bye to her before we were ready to leave as I knew she would get upset. I was upset as I had never left her overnight before.

It was funny as it was raining and windy, I remember it being the same weather on the day when baby girl was born.

On the way to the hospital we stopped off at the supermarket to pick up a few newspapers. I did the same when baby girl was born. So when they are older they can look back over the news on the day they entered the world. Trouble was this time all the front covers on most of the papers were on Ant Mcpartlin’s drink and drive accident. Not the type of news I want my daughter to see, but it was that day’s news.

We got to the ward in plenty of time. I was shown my bed, which happened to be on a side ward with mums whose babies were up in neonatal. I thought it could be a bit awkward to come back with my baby after. I needn’t had been concerned as I was moved to another side ward with other c section mummies when I came down from theatre.

About 10 minutes after we sat down the theatre staff can to get me and my bed and take me upstairs. Eek it’s really happening!!

I held my husband’s hand and we walked together upstairs ready to meet our precious bundle.

When we got upstairs there had been a slight mix up. Another pregnant woman tried to jump the queue and have her c section first! I was told the week before I was first priority due to my previous complications with baby girl unless an emergency came in. Lucky for me she was sent away to wait for the second slot.

We were in the room getting prepped for theatre. Mr B was given some scrubs and crocs ( a size too small, but then he’s a size 14 shoe ) to put on. I was given a gown and had one of those cannula things put into my hand. The anaesthetist popped in and explained the spinal injection procedure to me. I never heard the part about when he said they would give me pain relief via a suppository after the c section, but Mr B did and he found it hilarious he told me later on.

Mr B and I walked to theatre ( my bum hanging out of the gown I’m sure!) I wanted to walk instead of being on the bed, it felt more special to me.

I was told to sit on the edge of the bed with my knees up while the anaesthetist did his job. I remember a maternity support worker coming over to hold my hands, and I asked her is this going to hurt? I laugh about it now when I think back!! To be honest it was a little sting as they did the two numbing injections but when the spinal injection went in I never felt it. Almost instantly my legs went numb. Unlike the epidural I had the first time with baby girl my legs felt they were in the bent position the whole time. It’s like my brain remembered them in that last position before the injection. A weird sensation!!

They rolled me on the bed and waited until I lost the feeling up to above my tummy. Everyone in the room did a role call and said their name and job and off they went to work getting my baby dottie out.

The majority of the people in the room were redheads, so they were having bets whether the baby would come out a redhead! If you have been following us on Instagram you will know that baby dottie is certainly a redhead!!

The surgeon took slightly longer than usual getting baby dottie out due to the scar tissue that had formed inside of me from my last c section. Plus I remember him saying the previous surgeon had done my c section rather high up.

After feeling lots of tugging and pulling around they had to use forceps to get baby dottie out. She arrived into the world a little after 10:30am. They delayed the cord clamping for her and placed her straight into my chest. This was something I never got to experience with baby girl  due to it being an emergency.

birth story - a planned c-section

Within a few minutes of being born she was straight onto my boob. Her beautiful bright orange hair was a sight! I was fully of mixed emotions. So happy to see this gorgeous bundle but heartbroken that my dad never got to meet her before he passed away 3 days previously. He would have loved her gorgeous red hair.

The toast I had in recovery was the best thing ever. I can’t remember the time but it must have been close to lunch time by now and I was ravenous from not eating since 6pm the previous day.

The surgeon came into speak to us and said everything went really well. I had only lost 500 ml of blood this time so there was no need for any recycling of my blood this time around. He did say  if we had baby number three it would be another planned c section due to my scarring. But we are finished now.

birth story - a planned c-section

Two beautiful girls is enough for us. I was over the moon to get to experience being pregnant, but my body has had enough now and I need to rest.

Our journey to have a family started 5 years ago and I feel in those 5 years I have been pregnant for nearly all of that time. With the 3 miscarriages prior to having baby girl in 2016, I feel worn out.

My aim (once I feel better) is to start eating more healthily and lose weight. My husband and are going to do this together.

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