The 5 Bras Every Woman Needs in Her Lingerie Drawer

You have a diverse closet – it runs the gamut from cocktail dresses and dressy blouses to boyfriend jeans and t-shirts. You have an ensemble for every kind of occasion, which means you should have a bra for each one, too.

Whether you’re sporting a tank top and shorts or a little black dress with a plunging neckline, wearing the right bra underneath can make or break your look. But, with so many options out there, how do you know which bras are truly essential?

Make sure these five bras are in your collection, and you’ll be set for any style situation.

T-Shirt Bra

The epitome of versatility, the t-shirt bra is one you’ll definitely want in your rotation. Look for one with seamless cups and straps, as you can wear it under a form-fitting tee or tank worry-free.

This is a bra you might want in multiple colors, given that it’s kind of an all-purpose, ultra-comfortable style, and just because it’s called a t-shirt bra doesn’t mean you can’t wear it under other types of clothing. Definitely consider investing in a nude one, as it can be worn under white and lighter colored tops without showing.

5 bras you need

Something Sexy

Having a piece (or two, or three) in a flirty color, playful pattern, or sultry design is key. In fact, we’ll venture to say that it doesn’t even necessarily need to be seen – just knowing it’s under your clothes makes for a fun little confidence-boosting secret.

With that said, this is the kind of piece that you’ll want to show off on those date nights or other special occasions. The best part about this piece? You don’t have to consider the practicality factor, so feel free to buy a bra in a bold hue or with eye-catching lace that you might otherwise worry is going to show under your everyday clothes. Consider a lace bra with a front closure, which makes for a sexy surprise, and pair it with matching embellished panties.

5 bras you need - sexy
Strapless Bra

We’ve all been there. You bought a stunning halter dress or trendy spaghetti-strap top and completely failed to consider what bra you could wear underneath it. Because of that, those garments often just end up sitting in your closet. Enter: the strapless bra.

Those with a fuller bust may fear the strapless bra, but there’s no reason to. Of course, support is the main concern with this style, but you shouldn’t have to give up your strapless tops and dresses. This style can even be useful for one-shouldered blouses or tops with teeny tiny straps as well.

The fit is particularly critical with the strapless bra, so make sure you’re wearing the correct size to feel secure without having to constantly adjust. Did you know that most women need to go down in size with strapless?

Since this style has no straps, it can be helpful to size down because the tighter band will keep the bra from shifting a lot. Of course, you don’t want the bra to be so tight it’s uncomfortable – in this regard, stretch construction and an elastic top can be helpful.

A good rule of thumb is to slide two fingers into the back of the bra and make sure they barely fit.  It’s also important to note that since your back is holding the majority of the weight of your breasts with a strapless bra, that you may want to seek out a style with a wider back for adequate support. Next time you have a particularly tricky top or dress, you’ll be glad to have this particular bra.

5 bras you need - sports bra
Sports Bra

Just because you’re not a hardcore athlete or regularly doing vigorous workouts doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a sports bra. Moreover, just because you aren’t large-busted doesn’t mean you won’t find one useful for keeping your breasts in place on a run or even in a Pilates class.

Those with a larger chest may want to seek out a sports bra that has thicker straps or even built-in cups. Ultimately, you’ll want to consider the type of sweat session you’ll be wearing this for. If you’re engaging in a high-impact workout like cardio interval training or anything involving plyometrics, you’ll want a bra with more structure and perhaps underwire for added support.

There’s a reason why the racerback is such a common feature in sports bras: The construction of the straps boosts support during physical activity thus minimizes the bounce factor. Plus, racerback straps won’t fall off your shoulders like regular ones, so you don’t have to stress during your Zumba class or on your jog that you’ll have to keep pulling them up.

Pick the right sports bra, and you may find yourself reaching for it even on days when you’re not exercising and just want something comfortable to wear around the house.

Wireless Bra

Whether you’re looking for something less restricting to wear to bed or just a lightweight option to wear under a loose-fitting top, no wire bras are a nice option to have in your arsenal. Contrary to popular belief, a wireless bra is not just for small-breasted women, either. You can certainly wear this style without entirely compromising on support, but you will need to seek out one that has more fabric length-wise in the center to make up for the lack of stability from the wire panel—or simply opt for a full-coverage style that has more fabric all around. Additionally, wire-free bras that have molded cups can help to contain your breasts and offer better overall shaping.

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  1. I’m in the process of trying to find a new t-shirt bra right now! My bra broke today. My trust beige t-shirt bra that my partner hates. I could cry!

  2. Great post! I have been trialling buying two new everyday-bras every six months. One of these is a t shirt bra, one a bit of a sexy one, plus a sports bra, so I am not too far from your suggestions.

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