The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries #6

Welcome back to The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries #6 – I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of my Sunday Pregnancy Diaries entries but life has just been so busy. You can catch up here with entry #5

I’m all finished work now and start my maternity leave from today ( I’ve been using up my annual leave up until this point when I finished work on the 4th)

So what’s been happening with this pregnancy so far?

The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries #6

I have had my Anti – D injection – in fact my midwife popped around on a Sunday morning to give it to me. It made my arm numb afterwards, but it’s done to protect the baby. Darn my O negative Rhesus negative blood!

I have been for two growth scans – one at 28 weeks and the second at 32 weeks. I have another planned in for 36 weeks as well. Baby is growing fine though. She’s laying transverse across my tummy but they are not concerned as I’m having a planned c-section. I’m sure she will turn around in her own time. She has super long legs that are off the chart at the 102nd percentile, but then her dad is 6ft 5!

I’m enjoying this time at home with baby girl. I keep talking to her about her baby sister and she will be here soon. Preparing her for the new arrival!

I still have to pack my hospital bag which I think I will get into this week coming. I’ve washed all the baby clothes, got a stack of Nappies and wipes in.

Found a bargain in my local Mothercare of a Baby Bjorn One Carrier which was reduced to clear due to the shop relocating to the industrial site. With baby girl I only had a very cheap carrier that was rubbish to be honest. This time around having two of them I thought investing in a new carrier for the baby while baby girl still uses the pram would be best. I’m thinking here is no point in investing in a double buggy when she’s gone two now and sometimes likes to walk.

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  1. Good grief – thats SOON passed – before you know it youll be nursing your new bundle of joy

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