How To Use a Foam Roller During Pregnancy

Foam rolling is well known to have many positive benefits on your body and muscles. But is foam rolling during pregnancy a good idea? It is important to always consult with a doctor before using any new equipment whilst pregnant, but if you fancy giving it a go, take a look at these top tips for foam rolling in pregnancy.

What are the benefits of foam rolling in pregnancy?

As your weight increases during pregnancy, so does the pain in your lower back, hips, knees, and feet. It is going to put a lot of strain on your body and your muscles!

Many people use a foam roller to improve mobility and decrease muscle soreness as foam rollers main aim is to increase circulation in the muscle.

Foam rolling during pregnancy can help decrease fluid retention, which typically occurs during the third trimester. So using a foam rolling device throughout your pregnancy helps keep the body nice and relaxed. As fluid retention is most common in the mother’s feet, ankles, and legs, fingers, hands and forearms, fluid retention can be particularly irritating and painful when moving!

How To Use a Foam Roller During Pregnancy

What areas of the body can be targeted?

Below we have detailed areas of the body that can be targeted with foam rollers and tips on how to use them: 


  • Sit on the floor with both legs stretched out in front
  • Place the vibrating massage roller underneath your body on the gluteal area
  • To focus on one side at a time, just lean to that side and place the opposite ankle over the knee
  • Slowly roll back and forth while applying pressure

Calves & Hamstrings:

  • Sit on the floor with both legs stretched out in front
  • Place the foam roller underneath your body on either the calf or hamstring area
  • You can do both legs with a longer roller or focus on one leg at a time
  • Slowly roll back and forth while applying pressure down, pointing the toes forward


  • This can be done while sitting or standing
  • Simply place the roller under the foot and apply pressure
  • Slowly roll the foot back and forth

Anything else to bear in mind?

Don’t forget to breathe! Deep slow breaths will help relax your body.

Working out while pregnant

Many women continue their workouts as usual during pregnancy, and using recovery training as part of this routine will help your muscles to recover easier and quicker.

We’d recommend sticking to the lower body when using a foam roller whilst pregnant, avoiding the back or anywhere near the bump. Always consult your midwife or GP before undertaking any recovery training. 

Why not try other recovery tools such as a massage gun to get a more intense massage treatment!?

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