Wood Flooring Ideas For The Living Room

A living room is a place to unwind and relax. It’s our comfort zone. But have you considered how wood flooring may look as an alternative to the regular carpet? Whether you are looking for a contemporary feel or a classic country house wood flooring can be an excellent choice. Here are a few wood flooring ideas for the living room to think about.

Wood Flooring Ideas For The Living Room

Solid wood flooring has many benefits for the living room. Not only does it give the room a warm, rustic feel, but it will last you a lifetime. It’s a good investment for your home. I like that it’s very clean, and great if you have allergies. Did you know that wood flooring harbors less dust and mould than carpets? Because it’s natural and not put together like engineered wood flooring, solid wood floors have their own uniqueness. They are natural in colour and grain and can be resanded and oiled many times.

Elegant wood flooring

Now if you opt for engineered wood flooring, you will still get a beautiful wood floor in your living room, but obviously it’s not quite the real thing, however, there are advantages to engineered wood flooring which I’ve discussed previously here.

If you opt for a dark wood floor, you might want to contrast this with lighter walls in your living room to keep the whole room balanced. If your furniture is also dark, you may need to have a light coloured rug to brighten up the room. I would go as far as saying that you need to really match your wood flooring with the furniture. Otherwise, it could look mismatched and a little odd.

On thing for sure is that a wood floor will never go out of fashion. Wide floor boards feel rustic and warm, while a parquet floor that’s been polished will air that refinement and sophistication look of a trendy apartment.

If you ever need any tips on how to clean a wood floor, I’ve written about that as well here.

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