Top Tips On How To Clean Wood Floors

With the kids bringing in mud, sand, and who knows what into the kitchen, cleaning the floor is a daily challenge. When we had the sandpit on the patio, the kitchen floor felt like you were walking on the beach! So how do you clean wood floors and keep them in tip-top condition?

muddy shoes on wood floor

Today I’m going to share with you a few tips which you can apply to not only your wooden kitchen floor but the other solid wood or engineered wood floors in your house.

Clean Solid Wood Floors

Solid Wood floors can be prone to wear and tear, especially if they get a high volume of traffic. But to keep on top of the floor, give it a thorough vacuum or a brush every week. Keep a dustpan handy for everyday crumb spills. And clean with a microfibre mop and wood floor cleaning spray at least every month. Maybe more often depending on how dirty it gets. To remove scuffs – these will occur from chair legs or shoes, buff the area with a cloth. Or add a small amount of baking soda to a damp cloth and gently rub the mark until it disappears. Rinse with a damp paper towel and buff dry. Never use a steam cleaner, wet mop, or furniture polish to clean a solid wood floor.

engineered wood flooring

Engineered Wood Floors

An engineered wood floor is a great alternative to a solid wood floor. It’s lower maintenance and can withstand moisture and heat much more than solid wood. It’s constructed from multiple layers of wood rather than just the one piece.

To keep your engineered wood floor clean, it’s best to use dry cleaning methods than a wet mop. Vacuum and brush regularly and you can occasionally use a damp, well wrung-out cloth/mop. If you’ve used the right amount of liquid the floor will be dry within a minute. Avoid using cleaning products that include vinegar, soap-based cleaners or wax on this type of flooring.

Cleaning Wood Floors

For Cleaner Wooden Floors

  • Take your shoes off. Mud and grit in shoe tread can cause many scratches.
  • Clean up spills asap. A spill if left can damage the surface, make it dull, and attract more dirt.
  • Vacuum regularly. Using a vacuum on a wood floor removes the dirt from the crevices. But remember to turn the rotating bristle off if it’s an upright hoover to prevent floor scratching.
  • Use protector pads for furniture legs and never drag heavy objects across the floor to prevent scratching.

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  1. I’ve always been consistent at cleaning my floors and it is one of the most satisfying things to me! I recently had a professional come cleaning and add a protective layer and I was surprised at how much dirt they were able to get out of the floors.

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