What Risks Hide a Dirty Carpet at Home?

If you want to bring your carpet in perfect condition and at the same time use an absolutely clean and environmentally friendly product, then you should look for professional carpet cleaning services. Many companies offer steam carpet cleaning services, which are considered the safest and most effective method for carpet maintenance. 

Regular carpet cleaning is a must, especially when there are children living in the household. The carpet usually consists of several layers, each of which has a number of features and therefore requires a special deep carpet cleaning approach.

What Risks Hide a Dirty Carpet at Home
  • Pile or soft layer. This layer has the ability to trap dust and dirt, and this area can be partially cleaned at home by vacuuming, washing using all kinds of chemicals.
  • The basis of the carpet. This is the densest part of the carpet, in the structure of which particles of dirt, dust, and liquid fall. When cleaning the carpet at home with your own hands, this layer is almost inaccessible, therefore it is here that the bulk of the dust accumulates. Therefore, it is at the heart of the carpet that a favorable environment has been created for the development of dangerous microorganisms. There are all the necessary conditions for the development of bacteria of various types, fungi and even ticks! The uncleaned base of the carpet carries the greatest danger to the health of people, and especially children, who can catch all kinds of dangerous viruses when they come in contact with the carpet or even without it, through the respiratory tract.
  • Glue base, or rubber. This layer represents different types of films and PVC depending on the manufacturer. This layer is very difficult to clean. For that reason, you should use commercial carpet cleaning Surrey services at least twice a year!

The carpet is recommended to be deep cleaned several times a year. Fats, salts, resins and other difficult to remove substances can only be removed by dissolving with water, soaking and intensive washing with professional detergents, impregnating with special harmless antiseptics. The carpet is a place of direct contact with the feet of adults and the hands of babies who like to crawl on a soft fluffy carpet.

Dirty carpets contain toxins, spores of fungi and other viral microorganisms, which entails allergies, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, and in children – the appearance of worms and intestinal infections. Therefore, before you begin to treat any disease, you should pay attention to a possible cause of the disease – a dirty carpet. Domestic carpet cleaning eliminates the occurrence of such diseases in 80% of cases!

Dirty carpets contain toxins, spores of fungi and other viral microorganisms, which entails allergies, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, and in children

Moreover, if you have tried to clean the carpet yourself, using too much water, there is a great chance there is mold at the bottom side of the carpet. Although you cannot see it and it doesn’t ruin the look of the carpet, it can be extremely dangerous for your health! The effect of mold on the human body leads to the development of toxic intoxication. The latter is caused by the fact that the fungus penetrating the digestive system causes unpleasant symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract and abdominal pains in humans. In the case of mold on the mucous membranes, a person develops an allergic reaction. In addition, when mold is in the house, a person can be exposed to direct infection with harmful substances. The risk group includes people with immunity already weakened by another disease.

The continued existence of mold spots in the living room is also responsible for the development of severe pathological abnormalities. These include skin diseases caused by mold spores that have settled on the skin. 

Do not expose yourself or your loved ones to danger. Making your home clean and safe is a snap – start by hot water extraction carpet cleaning at home!

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