How Can I Make My Hallway Look Fantastic?

Hallways come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s the area just inside your house that can lead you off into other rooms. It’s also the gateway to your home. The area that people can see inside when you open your door. So you want to make a good impression right? But how can you make a hallway look fantastic? Below you will find a few tips on sprucing up this space, so you will the envy of your friends as they enter your home.

How Can I Make My Hallway Look Fantastic? - light walls and mirror

If your hallway is dark to start with, it will need to be lightened up. Large mirrors, light paint, and good lighting is the key. If you have room for storage, make this light coloured. But where you need to start is lighting.


Spotlights are perfect for the high traffic area that is the hallway. Hanging lights can seem to fill up the space, and the objective is to make it more light and larger in space. You could opt for wall mounted up lighters for a more ambience feel for your visitors if this is your direction.

Flooring and Doors

When we moved into our new build it was carpeted in the hallway. We had no choice as this was the only option, and what we could afford at the time. We later replaced the carpet. You can imagine the state after two young children and living in the countryside. I couldn’t keep it clean. For me, carpet in a hallway isn’t an option. You want something eye-catching like parquet flooring. This type of flooring is bold, daring is you wish. The parquet blocks can be laid in a variety of patterns that would certainly add personality to the hallway.

How Can I Make My Hallway Look Fantastic? - parquet wood flooring

A door with clear or frosted glass, will make any hallway appear light, airy and longer. You could even try stained glass in the door to bring a little colour to the space.

Paint Colours

White, creams, or soft pastel shades will make the hallway look fantastic in terms of the light feel you are looking for. But if you want to make a statement, a bold, vibrant colour would make this. But the area will need to be well lit.

Tips for a welcoming hallway - paint colour

So we have looked at ways to make a dark hallway light, but how can you make the hallway look welcoming?

Tips for a welcoming hallway

There are a few top tips for creating a welcoming hallway in your home that will also make it practical.

Tips for a welcoming hallway

Create storage areas to remove clutter. If you have a family, you have many hats, gloves, scarves, welly boots and more. During the Summer you will need somewhere to store these, and vice versa with the flip flops and sun hats. In our hallway space, we have opted for a large coat rack stand that doubles as a shoe rack and a small seating area. I’m a fan of seating in a hallway if you space that is! Important for getting the shoes on!

You will want a nice runner or rug, to welcome your guests. Maybe not go as far as putting out the red carpet! But a lovely patterned rug will give your hallway a colour pop if you have opted for white walls.

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