Vintage Interiors Using Rustic Lighting

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They say don’t look back at the past, but it’s hard not to when vintage décor is so stylish and luxurious. When you’re looking for a style that is atmospheric, rural and luxurious, making space functional can be a problem. Here are some options for how to light your vintage home using rustic lighting, so you can show off all your prized vintage fixtures. 

filament light bulb- Vintage Interiors Using Rustic Lighting

Perfect doesn’t matter

A brilliant aspect of choosing rustic lighting to emphasise your vintage features is that, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The tone of the lighting will work with a variety of shades, so long as they’re warm and inviting. Even a faded or aged fixture for the lightbulb will add to the appeal of the rustic style.

The details

Combining the style of rustic lighting lamps and modern electrical capabilities can mean great things for all home design enthusiasts. Rustic styles such as gas lamps or pendant lighting, are now so easily adaptable to work with the features and requirements of a modern home.

The magic of “filament” bulbs

Something you might expect to struggle with when opting for a rustic lighting design is constantly having to change the bulbs, as is a common issue with regular lighting. The hassle of changing a bulb in a rustic styled lamp or delicate ceiling light is often enough for people to change their minds.

There is a solution which few are aware of – filament bulbs. Not only is their energy consumption one of the most efficient in the market but, the LED within them will sustain for longer than the average consumer would anticipate, which is a great benefit to a style such as vintage. 

vintage lighting - filament lightbulb

Stay in the moment

It is necessary to establish a limit between the combination of modern and vintage elements. Layering can be great to establish focal points throughout a room setting. It is also very easy to create a specific atmosphere. On the other hand, be careful that the lines between these two designs don’t get blurred, as you risk one of the two looking estranged from the rest of your design if you don’t.

Use rustic lighting for the perfect vintage home

This guide has hopefully offered you enough insights for you to commence your rustic lighting journey. Begin by collecting your favourite styles and rustic lighting plans. There are so many combinations to think of, which is what makes designing your lighting scheme so personal. 

Utilising a taller ceiling can be easy to fill the space, especially if you opt for vintage pendant lights, which marks your room with a statement of elegance and charisma. For smaller spaces, try vintage filament lights with a decorative light shade, which will be eye-catching to any visitor.

Thanks for stopping by today I’ve enjoyed sharing with you ideas for vintage interiors with a rustic look.

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  1. Love Love Love!! Im buying my first home (well, when lockdown is over i might finally get to completion…) and am taking inspo everywhere i can! thanks :):)

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