Lefkada sailing vacation. How to spend a week that lasts as a lifetime

The western coast of Greece and the Ionian archipelago would not be as rich and brilliant without this «emerald». The beauty of Lefkada is its diversity. This island offers many places to visit — from spectacular nature, green fields and stunning mountains to attractive sandy beaches. You must try yacht week Lefkada! 

Lefkada (Greece)

Yacht Charter in Lefkada

Lefkada vacation start with yacht charter. It provides you with an unforgettable vacation on this beautiful island. According to Greek mythology, Lefkada is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite — the goddess of love and beauty, who can really be felt on the whole island.

Picturesque Lefkada is connected to the mainland by a bridge, but it is still called the most pristine Ionian island. On the west coast of Lefkada, you can discover some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, with intense azure waters — Porto Katsiki. On the eastern side of the island are pacifying seaside villages and strikingly deep bays with beautiful ports such as Sivota, the site of a popular yacht charter. In the south of this beautiful Greek island чis the village of Vasiliki, also known as the «fishing village» — everyone who likes water sports likes it. Some of the pearls of this exotic island can only be reached by boat, so sail near Lefkada is the perfect option for your relaxation.

Vacation on a yacht

Lefkada vacation is considered an ideal region for yachting, thanks to its clear seas, a large number of islands, bays and an unlimited number of routes.

Lefkada (Greece)

To get to know them, we recommend using a yacht. Lefkada sail holidays is the only way you can get at the same time the comfort of a small cozy hotel, and maximum freedom in choosing and moving. Some yachts are rented with a crew. But if you wish, you can personally take part in the management of the yacht and in the setting of sails.

The Ionian Islands is one of the Lefkada beautiful places. Is gives sailors a relaxing holiday, and even beginners will like the moderate wind and small waves and are very suitable for yachting with children.

What to watch

Yacht rental is best in Lefkada. There are excellent services and low prices.

Start Lefkada yachting with Meganisi. This small Greek island is the pearl of the Lefkadian archipelago and is considered to be a resort island. The unique variety of bays and beaches, the abundance of cafes, traditional villages, stylish cafes and bars, clean ecology, beautiful views of the entire archipelago, celebrities of all stripes on their own yachts, hospitable and incredibly cheerful residents — all this harmoniously coexists within the framework of a small island, which could soon become the Greek version of Capri or Porto Cervo.

Yachting in Lefkada

Meganisi is located opposite the private island of the Onassis-Scorpios family at a distance of 5 km from the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea. The coastline of Meganisi in the north is quite indented and there are several natural harbors and many closed bays and bays. Crystal clear water and the slopes of mountains surrounding the bays overgrown with olives and cypresses invariably attract hundreds of traveling sailors here. There is enough space for everyone so far – always, even in high season, you can find a cove to anchor and find a little privacy. On the southwest coast of Meganisi – a kind of “tail” of the island – many caves. The most famous of them, the Papanicoli, is so large that, according to local residents, a Greek submarine was hiding in it during World War II. Further south, there are still a few smaller caves, with depths ranging from 60 to 70 feet. In this part of the island, they say, you can perfectly go fishing.

Also, spend the night in your Greece sailing trip in any bay at anchor and visit Ithaca. This is a small island with mountainous terrain with comfortable bays, similar to an earthly paradise. The whole island is covered with dense forests and is unique in picturesqueness. Due to a large number of beautiful bays, white sailing yachts are willingly parked here. Among other things, Ithaca is the birthplace of the legendary Odyssey. Many scholars claim that the Odyssey house stood on a green hill towering over Stavros, a fishing village located in the northern part of the island. The largest settlement of the island, as well as its capital, is the small town of Vati, which is located on the hills of the narrow Gulf of Molos.

A few kilometers west of the capital is the Nymph Cave, where, according to legend, Odysseus hid the gifts of the facts. At night parking we stay in Ithaca. The yacht can be moored in a 5-minute walk from the taverns, most of which are located in the central square of the city or directly at the entrance to the tavern. The lulling atmosphere of the town, the cozy harbor has an incredibly magical effect on everyone, and the next day it is difficult to leave this piece of paradise.

A little ship in Lefkada

One of the places to visit in Lefkada — Kefalonia. This largest of the Ionian Islands is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Steep cliffs covered with greenery, as if plunged into the blue of the sea. Colorful villages and small towns. Here you will see old aristocratic mansions, as well as «modest» rural villas, and a little off — the ruins of an ancient city. Kefalonia is famous for its amazing variety of scenery, unique cafes, and beaches. The air of Kefalonia is clean and transparent, and the number of sunny days in a year big in all of Greece.

There is the town of Sami or Agia Euphemia, from where not far from the cave-lake Melissani. A truly unforgettable, magical sight is represented by Lake Melissani, when the sun’s rays, plummeting into its mirror waters, illuminate the bottomless depths of this unique cave lake.

In your Lefkada sailing trips, you must visit the fishing village of Fiskardo. There are a beautiful bay and houses, preserved old architectural style. All the buildings of Fiskardo represent the true original architecture of the Ionian Islands, the houses are restored and used as hotels, on the first floors there are entirely souvenir shops and taverns. Tables are hospitably set on the waterfront promenade, and along with the whole village, there are endless yachts, boats and again yachts and boats. Here we are waiting for the most delicious honey and homemade wine in Greece. In the taverns, you will be served the freshest fish, stewed rabbit, meat pie and sweets from almonds and quinces.

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  1. We love Greece and predominately the Islands. Kefelonia on the Ioanian sea is the one we return to every year for 4 weeks.

    Then a cheeky week on one of the others in the September. Neither have been done this year with the pandemic so hoping to catch up next year.

    Lefkada is beautiful. A dear Buddhist friend says I was a Greek girl in a previous life. I also speak the language reasonably well

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