Love Monster – Children’s TV Series Review

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We are always on the lookout for new children’s TV shows to watch, especially ones that are funny and entertaining. With a 2 and a 4 year old to entertain, it’s getting hard to find shows that both of them are into. Little Dottie loves her Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee, and L loves the slightly older shows like Sofia Princess and Umizoomi. But when I introduced them to Love Monster, it was a hit with both of them!

L and Little Dottie watching Love Monster Children's TV series

Love Monster children's TV series

Little Dottie just loves bright colours and movements. L is really getting into understanding what it was all about. It was fantastic to see them both like the same show. I get a few minutes peace now!

Love Monster Books and mask

In this post today, I’m going to explain why Love Monster is a great show for your preschoolers to watch.

What is Love Monster all about?

So Love Monster is a children’s animated TV show for preschoolers on CBeebies. It’s full of colourful funny adventures of a loveable hairy hero Love Monster, who searches for the right thing to do. in a world in which he is one of a kind.

The show is based on the best selling Love Monster books by Rachel Bright, and shares with us the importance of kindness, empathy, connection and instinct. Teaching young children how to cope with different emotions. Love Monster is a little different and funny looking in a world of cute fluffy things. He is full of heart and loves the challenges he faces along with his friends. He’s one of the most caring and loving monsters you will ever meet and lives in a world of cute and fluffy things, so he does stand out. He can sometimes be a little insecure without Monster Teddy by his side, but he always searches for the right thing to do.

L with her Love Monster Mask

Love Monster lives in Fluffytown with his friends, Tiniest Fluffy Bunny, Book Cub, Bad Idea Puppy, The In Chicks, Elder Kitten, Elder Panda, Dr. G Piggles and Delivery Duckling. Tiniest Fluffy Bunny is Love Monster’s best friend. Always bouncing around town on her pogo stick, and one of the few people Love Monster can confide in.

Something Special

Each day in Fluffy town, the day brings something special. It could be a challenge, like plant a seed day, a celebration of nature, or a community day, like tidy up day. They even have super fun days!

We love to watch the Plant a Seed Day episode, and have applied what we learned in that episode to real life. We were kindly given a selection of activities to accompany the Love Monster children’s TV series and one of those was planting cress. L is a plant lover like me, so this activity was her favourite. She keeps an eye on the cress every day watching it grow in her own decorated terracotta pot. The series is fantastic for applying what is learned to real life, it makes Love Monster something special.

For this Plant a Seed activity all you need is a small terracotta plant pot, paint stick, cotton wool and cress seeds. Optional – foam stickers. L found some of her insect stickers to put on her pot.

Love Monster - Children's TV Series Review - create a colourful cress pot activity

Love Monster The Books By Rachel Bright

Love Monster - Children's TV Series Review - create a colourful cress pot activity

We received a couple of the Love Monster story books as well. They are brilliant. Bright, funny, adorable illustrations and easy to read. Now that L is learning to read, she has been excited to read it along with me and pick out the words she knows.

Love Monster by Rachel Bright

The first book is simply called Love Monster. It’s all about the little hairy monster searching for love. The second book is Love Monster & The Perfect Present. It’s all about searching for the perfect gift on Present Day, which he is finding hard as everything is so expensive and he doesn’t have enough money in his savings jar. But he has an idea to make a homemade gift. This book teaches us that the perfect present doesn’t have to cost the earth to mean the world. Being thoughtful is encouraged.

L reading the Love Monster books - Love Monster Children's Tv Series

If you pop over to Instagram I’m giving away the two books. The giveaway ends on Sunday 23rd August 2020.

What We Can Learn From Love Monster

Love Monster is a character that children can relate to. Its huge appeal is that the show is all about love, kindness, and connecting. He doesn’t get things right the first time, but that’s totally OK. Just try again. It’s good for helping children to get to know their feelings, and understand them says Leah Brennan who is a chartered clinical psychologist from Mindscape Psychology.

L getting stuck in with the Love Monster activities

Within each episode of Love Monster, there are examples of life learning tips. For example in Plant a Seed Day, patience is a great skill to learn. This is shown in waiting for the seeds to grow. I pointed this one out for us as L has little patience and is always so eager to get on she just can’t wait!

In the episode Favourite Library Book Day, the skills highlighted in this are calming or settling emotions before we try. Solving problems and taking responsibility when you think you’ve done the wrong thing.

As a parent of a preschooler who can find it hard to recognise and understand her emotions at times, I’m very happy with this series and how it’s helping me to explain these life skills to her. If you want to check out Love Monster for yourself you can find it over on the BBC iPlayer

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  1. Ive not heard much about Love Monster or seen it but recently my daughter says she hs been watching Love Monster at school in Golden Time so this is obviously what it is and she really enjoys it.

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