44 Cats Review – The New Animated Preschool Series

Have you caught up with the latest cartoon 44 Cats on Nick Jnr? Also now showing on Freeview on Pop TV. If you haven’t it might be one for your kids to look out for. L loves watching all her favourite shows and adding to them of course! As she gets older she’s moving away from watching the same ones over and over again, which is good for me!

44 Cats - The New Animated Preschool Series
44 Cats

What is 44 Cats?

44 Cats is a fun new preschool series about 4 kittens. The 44 Cats names are – Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilou who make up a musical group called “The Buffycats” The animated series covers topics such as friendship, diversity, tolerance and helping others.

Each cat has a special power of their own. Lampo is the lead singer and guitarist of the Buffycats and his whiskers act as a compass, guiding him to where he needs to go. Milady is the Buffycats’ bassist. Her fur turns pink-purple whenever someone tells a lie. She is a cutie! Then you have Pilou who is the Buffycats’ drummer. She uses her enchanting wide eyes to distract the show’s villains. Meatball has a large appetite and is the Buffycats’ keyboard player. His ability is that he can sense danger.

What we like

It’s bright, colourful, and fun! The girls love anything with music in to get up and dance it so this is a winner. The stories are easy to understand and it keeps L interested while the episode is on. Each episode is around 13 minutes which is plenty for a 3-year-old to manage without getting distracted. The cats are cool characters that live and play in the Clubhouse, (beside Granny Pina’s house) and you will have a favourite for sure, ours is Milady.

I particularly like that the series promotes positive attitudes and conveys educational messages while dealing with the themes mentioned earlier in an amusing way. The 4 cats love to help others and find ways to do this.

Where can I watch 44 Cats?

You can find the 44 Cats series on Youtube, Nick Jnr and it’s just been released on Freeview on the channel Pop TV.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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