All You Need To Know About Ricky Zoom – A Mums Review

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I don’t know how, but in our house, we always seem to find new shows to watch on the kids’ channels and then they get obsessed with them! The latest one is Ricky Zoom – a CGI movie-style preschool series from Entertainment One. Ricky is a cute red rescue bike who shares his experiences with his friends – Loop Scootio and DJ. They love nothing but racing around the sports track, trying out new stunts at the park and zooming into every adventure. Ricky loves living in Wheelford, a two-wheeled town tailor-made for bikes. The town is a very close net community and they are all helping Ricky to learn how to be a rescue bike just like his parents.

Ricky Zoom and the Bike Buddies
Ricky Zoom and the Bike Buddies

Here is L wearing her Ricky Zoom backpack to preschool that she was kindly gifted. She had a few jealous classmates! But I heard her chatting away to her friends about Ricky Zoom as they had not heard of the show.

Ricky Zoom Backpack
Ricky Zoom Backpack

Have you watched Ricky Zoom yet with your children? It’s on Nick Jr every Saturday and Sunday so a good time for a catch-up!

Ricky Zoom Characters

All of the characters have their own personalities and traits.

Ricky Zoom and the Bike Buddies
Ricky Zoom Characters

Ricky Zoom

Ricky is the bright red shiny one that’s always on the run. He sees himself as the leader of sorts, but in fact, the whole group are very much equals and have their own part to play. Ricky is still learning to stand on his own two wheels and often dives headfirst into missions that are too much for him.

Loop Hoopla

Loop is a dirt bike that loves to have fun doing the loop-de-loop, jumping over ramps and doing crazy stunts. He is easily distracted and often doesn’t think about what he’s doing.

Scootio Whizzbang

Scootio is the lead girl bike. She’s smart and never afraid to speak her mind. Always in the know about the latest gadgets and tries to find a solution to any puzzle or dilemma the gang might face.

DJ Rumbler

DJ is a trike with a big heart. There is nothing he can’t build or knockdown. He wears his heart on his sleeve and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his friends.

Flat Out Awesome
Flat Out Awesome

The Community

The Zooms – Toot is Ricky’s cheeky little sister. Hank and Helen are Ricky’s parents who are Wheelford’s leading rescue bikes. They are daring and brave and the first to respond to any emergency.

The Hooplas – Blip is Loop’s rather accident-prone older brother. Loop’s dad delivers all the mail in the town and will be out in all weathers making sure the parcels are delivered.

The Rumblers – DJ’s parents, Della and Jake are the town’s construction builders.

The Whizzbangs – Whoopie and Fred are Scootio’s parents. Keen recyclers with a love of gadgets, they keep Wheelford clean and running smoothly.

Steel Awesome – Professional stunt bike and Ricky’s hero.

Maxwell – Popular Maxwell runs the service station. He knows all the latest gossip and has been everywhere.

Office Bunker – The town’s resident police bike. He takes his duties seriously but is a softie deep down with a fondness of the Bike Buddies.

Mrs Bikely – The school’s teacher, Mrs Bikely is teaching the bikes to grow up the best they can be with her fun and imaginative lessons.

Buster Bunker – Officer Bunker’s nephew. He likes to do everything by the book, so his bestie Toot Zoom is trying to get him to loosen up.

Dasher – Ricky’s older cousin recently moved to Wheelford.

Episode Review

This past weekend I sat down with L to catch up with a few episodes – Flat Out Awesome, The Most Amazing Thing Ever Put In a Box and New Rescue Tool. We have actually been watching Ricky Zoom for a couple of weeks and L knows the theme tune already. It’s majorly catchy, bright and fun. It’s a good preview of what the show is about for sure.

Ricky's Grappling Hook
Ricky’s Grappling Hook

The first episode in the series is Flat Out Awesome. It is where he and the Bike Buddies are due to perform at Steel Awesome Fest, but things don’t go to plan. It’s a great introduction episode to the series and you really see how independent the Buddies are and also how they work as a team. One of the aims of Ricky Zoom is to teach children to stand on their own two feet.

The second episode we watched was episode 3: The Most Amazing Thing Ever Put in a Box. This one focuses mainly on Loop. Loop is always worried that he messes everything up so to prove himself he follows his dad’s instructions not to open a new parcel he is his helping his dad to deliver. But the box gets knocked and it opens up to reveal a fun Vroomboard which Loop decides to have a ride on. Again this episode is about pulling together to help Loop get the board back to his dad.

The Most Amazing Thing Ever Put in a Box
The Most Amazing Thing Ever Put in a Box

Last up we caught up with episode 4: The New Rescue Tool. Ricky makes a mistake in this episode by mistakenly confusing his dad’s new rescue ramp for a toy. This leaves Hank heading off on a rescue with a dud toy. Hank soon realises this and has to think quickly outside the box. But Ricky manages to rectify his mistake and saves the day.

Overall Thoughts on Ricky Zoom

All the bikes in Ricky Zoom have different personalities. One of the aims of Ricky Zoom creator Alexander Bar is to get us, the audience to see the characters first then the bikes. Each character is different and easily relatable. One of the themes of the series is celebrating differences which is fantastic for kids to learn.

Our favourite character from the show is Scootio, as she is the clever one who gets them out of many sticky situations.

Ricky Zoom is a bright fun show with a great catchy theme song. It’s perfect for ages 3-5 years – preschool to learn about social situations and how to be independent, think for themselves as well as working together in a team. It’s a fantastic all-rounder show and a firm weekend favourite.

Don’t forget you can catch Ricky and the Bike Buddies at the weekends on Nick Jr.


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