Rose’s Gold – A Comfort Food Cookbook Review

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We are really into cooking comfort food at the moment. I think that has carried over from lockdown. So when an opportunity came up to have a look at a cookbook with a British and Jamaican twist, Rose’s Gold, I thought it would be ideal to expand our comfort food meal plan.

Rose's Gold - A Comfort Food Cookbook Review

Book Description

For comfort food that strikes gold, discover Elma Rose’s authentic British and Jamaican fusion recipes, a cookbook full of the meals enjoyed by all of the family, young and old, generation after generation. Explore ingredients and meals such as nutmeg, plantains, dumplings, Jamaican ginger cake and curries, as well as familiar Full Englishes, Sunday Roasts, red velvet cake and cherry pie in a fantastic mix of cultures and flavours.

What I thought of Rose’s Gold

Rose’s Gold is set out with sections of the main meals of the day. So breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert including an introduction. Here we hear about why the cookbook was put together. It was created to honor the life of Jamaican born Elma Rose Francis. I must say even just reading the intro, I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside about this book and how it brings the whole family together at mealtimes.

It’s suitable for home cooks, to simply try new flavours and giving suggestions to enhance a British recipe with a Jamaican twist. As well as complete Jamaican recipes to try.

Starting with breakfast, a traditional Jamaican recipe containing dumplings and plantain is included. Then you get a simpler one for cinnamon and vanilla porridge, which is delicious! I’m a huge fan of porridge for breakfast, the oats are slowly releasing energy, giving you a great start to the day.

When you get to lunch you are surprised with a wonderful selection of options to try. Such as saltfish fritters, beef curry patties, and fried chicken and rice and peas.

The dinner time category is full of fabulous hearty meal ideas. From seasoning tips for your Sunday roast chicken, to hearty soups, curry and spiced lamb chops. There is something for all tastes.

All the recipes look very tempting from the appetizing photos used throughout the whole cookbook. But my favourite section is dessert. Yes, I have a strong sweet tooth, and I was drawn to this part straight away. But there was good reason to when Rose’s Gold shares recipes like spiced chocolate shortbread, banana and coconut cake, and apple and rum pie!

A lovely home cookbook to add to your kitchen.

Rose’s Gold is available to buy now, direct from the publisher’s Ghost & Ribbon

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